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WordPress vs Wix vs SquareSpace vs GoDaddy Website Builder


I did a presentation today for Alpha sites which is an expert Network where they were asking me some questions about the differences between WordPress Squarespace Wix and GoDaddy website builder and I want to make a follow-up video just to share some of my thoughts what I covered in that presentation it was an hourlong presentation and just the differences between these platforms because I think a lot of people don’t understand when they’re getting into it there’s a lot of marketing around your Squarespace and your Wix where people think those are easy iier to use but actually the way that the advancements have become with WordPress it’s actually just as easy in some cases easier to use than a Squarespace or a Wix and GoDaddy website builder is just terrible that’s something you don’t want to use at all not only is it not good for the SEO of your business or the search engine optimization but it’s also really bad with the design so like you’re not going to be able to make a very good-look design with a GoDaddy website builder and the cost is about the same very similar between them go website builder a little bit at the lower end you know Wix is at the high end with their business side and then Squarespace is kind of in the middle WordPress is the cheapest by far if you just do it on your own because like all of these are none of these we’re talking about when we’re comparing prices are about what you’re going to pay an expert to build those so if we’re just talking about doing it on your own you know WordPress is actually the cheapest it’s cheaper than GoDaddy website builder per month so it might only be like eight bucks a month to do go to do WordPress it’s going to be like 18 per month to do GoDaddy website builder 25 or 26 per month to do Squarespace and 30 per month to do Wix so that’s kind of like the way that it works and basically with WordPress you get a way better Dynamic platform you can do much better SEO there’s plugins like SEO yast which helps you build SEO much more powerful it actually trains you on how to do SEO there’s categories and tags and blogging it’s all built into it so the SEO is going to be much stronger but some of the things that uh you need to look out for is you have to have a good hosting platform with WordPress because it can get hacked so when we’re talking about Squarespace and Wix and GoDaddy website builder those are all proprietary and they’re managed by those companies you cannot access the code so they don’t get malware in there so that’s one of the differences between WordPress WordPress is open source meaning that everybody knows what the code is so a lot of people build ways to break in and hack those websites and send out malware so if you’re trying to do a WordPress yourself you need to be concerned that you you know you need to have a good firewall you need to have a good backups you need to know what you’re doing and that may be where you want to rely on an expert like my company we do all that for you so our hosting for WordPress you know we have a firewall and place go a malware scanner we have backups in place we do all your software updates and plug-in updates we do everything for you and if it ever breaks we just fix it for you for free that’s included for your website so it it’s really just peace of mind for you but just know that if you’re going to do your own WordPress yourself you’re going to pay less like eight bucks a month if you do a a GoDaddy website uh WordPress but you know that could get hacked uh and it could break and something could happen um so you want to make sure you buy the backups from GoDaddy and you could definitely do that uh ask Go Daddy about the backups and you know any security that you could have they have a security plugin too that will scan from outware so you want to make sure those things are in place but by the time you buy the backups and buy the security scanner you’re going to be up to close ours just 25 bucks a month for our hosting so you’re going to be almost pretty much close to that and then if you wanted to switch to us we would just do all that for you so we do all the updates included it takes a lot of time to do updates we have to log into your website and manually update the software and the plugins and make sure things are working properly nothing breaks if it breaks then we have to roll the site back and fix it and that’s a lot of time and that’s time that you know you’re not working on your business so I would highly recommend reaching out to an expert like our company we certainly can set you up with some really good hosting but those are the main differences between the platforms is that the SEO is really strong with WordPress the cost is really low the functionality and design is incredible with WordPress it really is the number one in most categories WordPress is number one the only thing that GoDaddy website builder is number one in because it’s it’s at the very bottom and everything else is with customer support there is an actual phone number you can call a GoDaddy and they will talk you through it there is no support with WordPress at all unless you reach out to an ex you know professional like myself there’s a lot of developers out there that work on Word press but there’s no number you can call to get help and then in the middle is the Squarespace and the wick they don’t have phone support but they do have like a chat support and like a ticket system that you can do so they’re kind of in the middle you know they’re not super great but not super bad either kind of in the middle so that’s kind of the range so on the pricing WordPress is that is the king of of the pricing is the cheapest unless you hire somebody and they’re expensive or whatever but the support is going to be challenging you need to have an expert the hosting and the security is going to be challenging the SEO is the number one thing with WordPress so those are all the differences between the platforms you there’s many many details I went into a full hour this has only been five minutes so if you’d like to know more about these different platforms you’re trying to make your decision on what platform to to put your new business website on definitely reach out to me I would love to help you out and guide you in that process you can comment down below and I’ll answer your questions there you can email me at J you can certainly call me 406 208 8733 love to answer your questions thank you so much as always for watching my video and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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