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WordPress 6.5 Release Adds Incredible Speed and Accessibility


Intro WordPress 6.5 just got released and there is a ton of new features that just came out this is a huge release for WordPress and very exciting changes so if your website is still running an old version of WordPress I highly recommend updating it just came out today about the middle of the day and I’m going to cover some of the things that have been changed in this newest version because it is a big big deal so first of all they came out with uh an ability to add fonts into the main classic editor so now you can have all these custom fonts Plus Google fonts just by changing a little selector and you don’t have to do any extra coding for CSS it’s just built into the system so that’s really nice and handy um the big big deal there’s Speed and Accessibility two really big deals that’s actually going to make a difference um is the speed time so performance they have over 110 new updates to the performance of the site loader and the editor and they’re loading five times faster than the old version and that’s going to translate into a 25% speed increase when visitors view your website when they land on it’s going to be 25% faster than the old version so that’s absolutely massive for SEO and for performance and for people just getting a better experience on your WordPress website so that’s a huge deal the other thing is they had 65 updates to the accessibility of the code accessibility is when people use like screen readers or different devices um to to read out what’s on your website or to view your website so so it makes the website much easier to use for people for people who are disabled or using specific readers um there’s 65 different elements that they change to make it more accessible and Google and Bing want to serve up websites that are more accessible and they’re faster so Open Source these are hug deals for SEO one of the main reasons why I love WordPress so much is you have an army of developers that are working behind this it’s an open- source project so it’s it doesn’t there’s no large hierarchy of a business corporate structure that’s telling them oh no we can’t make changes because it’s going to mess with our profitability it’s just a what WordPress is is a Consortium of all these developers who just volunteer their time all around the world the size of the amount of developers who work on WordPress is massive in comparison to the small amount of developers that do a Squarespace or Wix or work at GoDaddy that those guys are teen they’re only like 10% or 20% of the size of the developers that work on WordPress and WordPress all the code is open so Why WordPress there’s no hidden code so there’s no like old code systems that are running because they wouldn’t allow it all the developers are working together to make sure that we have the most latest code base so WordPress just proves over and over again why it is the dominant why it runs 45% of all the websites in the web are run by WordPress it is the number one platform it is an excellent platform and it works fantastic many it’s one of those funny Cycles just like people try to say that SEO is going to die the SEO won’t be web developers are going to go out of business web develop you know AI will replace web develop all these silly things that people try to say that are ridiculous that will never happen people try to say that WordPress will get replaced by like headless cms’s and JavaScript libraries and all these like light things that are oh they move so much quicker and yeah but they they don’t work that well they they’re not as robust and resilient as WordPress and that’s why WordPress stays around and sticks around and this latest release that just rolled out is a testament to how well WordPress works and how they’re always innovating and coming up with new ways to present your website in a better way better light and um go check it out go update if you haven’t updated yet make sure you do if you don’t have a web developer who can update certainly can reach out to me we do we have an awesome hosting plan the whole reason why I knew that this update came out is because I was doing what I call walking the farm which is to go around to all the websites that are on our server and I update the core software make sure everything’s functioning that’s all included in your hosting plan when you purchase a hosting plan with us nobody else does that if you have a hosting plan at GoDaddy or you know HostGator or blue host they’re not updating your WordPress site you got to go do that they got to you got to update your plugins they’re not taking care of your website or looking at your website they’ll care less so your website could get hacked or could get broken but when you host with us we do all that for you included no extra cost we look at all this extra time that we put in to make sure that your website runs smooth so that’s how I found out about this WordPress uh update it came out right away as soon as the update came out today at 12:00 p.m. my customers are getting their websites updated so I’m about a third through our whole host list and all those customers got their website updated boom as soon as the update came out they’re taking advantage of those new performance enhancements the 25% increas in speed all the accessibility the new fonts they’re taking advantage of all those things right away whereas you know if you’re hosting by yourself you may not this you might not get this update for a few months or whenever you your developer may get to it if they even do get to it so that’s why I recommend hosting with us if you get a chance or ask me any questions on how you can uh get this update done because it’s really important so this is Joe with Sky Point Studios thank you so much as always watch my videos and I will catch you on the next one.

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