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When Running a Hosting Cpanel, it’s Important to Monitor Resources so Websites are not Slowed Down


This is going to be a technical video about hosting on C panels and what needs to be done when removing websites specifically WordPress websites from a c panel hosting environment uh so I run obviously lots of different C panels for my business part of running those is to optimize and make sure that we’re managing resources properly so when it comes to taking down a website off of the C panel there’s a couple different steps obviously we usually zip up the files to keep it for later safe keepings and go into the file manager and delete the specific folder related to the website and then go and remove the domain because if the domain is not removed the folder will continue to keep coming back the gos folder even though it has no files in it so that’s kind of the first step but what you may not know and what why I wanted to make this video is that when you delete a website from the file manager and you remove the domain name that is just a part of the website there’s actually still the database uh involved and if you’re not consistently removing your databases the databases will start to Stack Up and Slow Down the C panel so this is kind of can be a blind spot for some people because there’s multi-steps so first step to removing a website is to remove the domain name well let’s back up let’s say the first step is to actually download the site in case you want to keep a copy for later so let’s just say that’s Step Zero step one would be to remove the domain name so you got to take the domain name off and then the next step is to delete the folder where the website’s at that would be step two and step three the final step that I think a lot of people forget is you have to go then delete the database so you have to go to mySQL it’s a different section in C panel and delete the database and it can be confusing to figure out especially if you have a lot of websites which database goes to which WordPress website so the way to find this out is to open up the go to the file manager find the folder for the website open it up and scroll down the file selection and find the file labeled WP config WP config so you open up the wp config and it has all the permissions of which database and the password to the database that name in there could be it could be named really clearly like the business name or it could just be a bunch of random numbers so it’s it just kind of depends on how the the WordPress was originally installed and just a couple other factors so we need to find out what that is go into the back into the C panel go to the MySQL area databases load those up and scroll until you find that specific database and then you can delete and remove it so now it’s finally removed and so I want to make this video for anybody who is an admin who runs a cpanel and maybe they you’ve had the C panel for years it could be 10 20 years old even sometimes and some of the C panels are further and you may have website databases sitting in there from really old websites that you didn’t even know that was in there these all slow down and take resources so I’m all about trying to maintain the resources in my hosting panels and try to keep them as uh you know clean as possible so there’s nothing being wasted so I just want to make this video for anybody out there who is an admin who maybe not had not thought about this particular process and obviously this is for people who do hosting and things like that web admins um you know this is not necessarily for consumers but uh if if your web developer is not taking care of their hosting you know you it’s going to slow down your website so you definitely want somebody who’s on the ball and is taking care of your hosting if you’re having a slow website and you’re having slow hosting situation you may want to move over to a company like mine we definitely optimize our servers they run very very quick and they’re very very secure and your website doesn’t get hacked it doesn’t go down doesn’t break and if it do ever does break we go about fixing it for for free included in the cost so there’s no additional cost to do that so if you’re interested in switching over your hosting to me I definitely would love to talk to you about it it’s very easy and painless process and it’s very affordable you can comment down below uh otherwise thank you so much as always for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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