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When Providing Customers With an Estimate Do You Ask When They Would Like to Get the Work Done By?


Do you provide estimates for customers well this video is all about some of the estimation process and one of the things that I feel like is not necessary that some people include and I want to talk about it when you’re providing estimates to customers there’s definitely some things that are important to include that we always discuss so we talk about you know what what’s the pricing going to be obviously what are some of the different products and services that you offer you know what kind of customers do you have in the past um you know what what would be the timeline to get it done and related to timeline I want to talk about the question when you ask a customer like when how soon do you want to get it done by or when do you want to get it done by this is something I think you should remove from your estimation process um I don’t feel like it’s really necessary to include that or to ask them and I think it kind of throws it off with the customer because you know what your delivery time is and 80% of the time when someone’s calling you I feel like they’re they just want to follow whatever delivery time that you have so it takes us two to two weeks to to to develop a website for example usually 2 to 3 weeks somewhere in that range that’s what it’s going to take to develop it you know 10% of the time someone would be like I need this right away can you do it like by tomorrow and then other 10% of the time someone might be like well I’m just kind of checking out prices and I might not need it for the next 3 to six months so they’re going to let you know that so if there’s a constraint to the timeline of when something needs to be done either the customer needs it right away or the customer needs it in like 6 months or 12 months they’re going to let you know that usually it’s never really a requirement to ask them when do you need this done by I think you just tell the customer this is what it usually takes to get these things done and completed and they’ll let you know if they have time constraints around that and I think that’s a better way to go because what we want to do is remove all we want to make it as easy as possible to get the customer through the process of the quote process so less questions is better so if we can narrow it down to less questions I don’t think it’s necessary to ask them that specific question but that’s just something that works for me I always kind of let them know it’s going to take two to three weeks for most projects sometimes a little bit more for more complicated projects sometimes a little less for Less compc licated projects somewhere in that range and that’s just what our schedule is usually um and I will let them know that you know while we’re going through the process that’s just some information I offer them and so I don’t ask them about that I kind of tell them this is how it’s going to be for our timeline and I think that works better it’s smoother and it has a better flow and it kind of shows your more of your confidence asking them questions you want to kind of narrow it down to just the questions that you actually need to answer so there should be very few little questions that you need to Pepper them with and not too many so it’s just like the over how people get overwhelmed if the menu is too big at a restaurant and you kind of want to narrow the choices down it’s the same process so if a customer has to think less during that process it makes it easier easier for them to make a decision so that’s some of my thought process on that definitely share your feedback do you uh do you ask that question to customers do you feel like it’s necessary or unnecessary uh and and let’s talk a little bit about the estimation process and how to make it as smooth as possible for customers because I think that helps us close more deals this is Jophiel with sky point Studios I love talking about business marketing online I’m a web developer with skypoint Studios we would love to build your website here in 2024 and make it really pop and really bring in a lot more business to you if you’re interested in that definitely comment down below I’d love to help you out and I’ll catch you on the next video thank you so much for watching.

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