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What’s your Instagram?


Yesterday I had a younger gentleman call in asking about web design for his wrapping and tint business and he’s a younger gentleman and he asked me where what our Instagram account was and this is kind of one of the first times I kind of heard this um and I said forsk y pnt for skypoint you can go check out our Instagram he pulled it up and he’s like oh wow you have 1500 followers and he’s like it looks like it’s pretty good I was like and he’s like okay so how do I get to your portfolio work and I’m like well right in the description there’s link to our website you can click through that and then click web design samples you can see all the websites the the ones that we’re showing off at the top and then a whole bunch down below he’s like oh wow those look pretty good well cool let’s go ahead and do it he was ready to get started on the phone didn’t need any more convincing was ready to go and pull the trigger and we started the website project yesterday so I want to make this video that if you have not started working on your social media profiles your Instagram your Tik Tok your Facebook you know especially Instagram and Tik Tok you’re going to start missing out as these new new generations start to move up in age because you know this gentleman is probably in his early 20s and he wasn’t his first question wasn’t asking about what our website was or what this is or found you on Google or any those things and those things are all important his first question was what was your Instagram and he wanted to see how many followers we have and 1500 was a you know 1500 is not a huge amount but it’s enough to to give some social credit credit and those are all 1, 1500 actual organic like naturally followed people that that follow our account there’s no Bots or anything like that and um it was enough to to impress this person in order to pull the trigger and it was a considerable amount of money that he spent with us and that wouldn’t have happened had we not had if we didn’t have an Instagram at all that probably been a problem but if we had just like you know how a lot of companies just throw up an Instagram page they hardly have any followers hardly have any activity They Don’t Really Work it very actively you know that it probably would have not have converted the sale and I want to give you this warning that this is going to start to become more of the norm you’re going to start to hear this what’s your Instagram what’s your Tik Tok you know what is your website is still very important relevant question and it’s important to have your website linked from your Instagram or from your Tik Tok profile because if I had didn’t have that linked on there it wouldn’t have been easy for him to click through and see our portfolio on our website which he did because on Instagram it’s social media post like this post is going to go on Instagram but that doesn’t these I’m talking about a business and I’m talking about web design and marketing and things like that but it doesn’t show exactly to the customer what we do you need to go look at that portfolio web design samples on our website you can see all the websites we’ve built in all these different categories and you know once you see those you’re like oh wow they they do nice work um you know and and it’s a combination like seeing our reviews and seeing our portfolio and it’s like that seals the deal like 95% of the time with the people that are calling in that’s like oh yeah that looks that looks great plus you know the reviews are super solid but in this case it was about the Instagram and the account and the followers and the fact that we have like over 450 posts on our Instagram you know we’re active on Instagram we have, 1500 followers you know those aren’t massive numbers they not crazy numbers they’re realistic numbers that you can achieve for your company but you you need to work it you need to work it and start now because I’m telling you this generation’s coming and they’re going to be asking for these things and it’s the social proofs that you’re going to be required to have as a business to start getting this new business the new the Millennials and the younger Generations they’re going to want to see that social proof so this is J with Sky Point Studios and I if you need any help with your socials your web your marketing definitely comment down below I’d love to help you out and like I always say thank you so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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