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What’s the Difference Between SEO and SEM?


What’s the difference between SEO and sem well SEO you may you may have heard these terms before SEO stands for search engine optimization and sem stands for search engine marketing so you you may hear these terms uh a lot of people online talk about this type of thing about this type of marketing and I want to make a video explaining the differences between the two and how do they work together and how they don’t work together um because there’s a lot of confusion around them so I’ll start with seo seo is a technique of adding value to the web in order to allow your business to come up higher in the search engines so that’s why it’s called search engine optimization so when a customer searches for you they’re like they’re looking for a service or they’re looking for a restaurant they’re looking for something near them that pulls your website up or they could be searching worldwide or locally or what any type of search that pulls you up like either in the map listings or a website pull up that’s considered SEO now you do this organically meaning that you don’t pay anything for it you’re just creating value so the more content on your website the more reviews you have the longer your website’s been around there’s tons and tons of factors how well it’s optimized what type of website structure you have all these things play a role but if you boil it down to its basic Essence it’s how much value have you provided the web like how well have you done a job of explaining your business documenting your business putting listings up for your business adding data to those listings how well have you provided value to explain your business to the web that’s what ultimately influences SEO so there’s different factors like how many links you have to your website how many content how many pages how many images that are tagged we can go into a lot of detail but I don’t want to go into that that much detail on this video just want to explain the difference so let’s do sem so it stands for search engine marketing sem is anytime you pay to to be in the search engines so that’s like Google ads you know Bing ads uh anything that you do that you pay and they can be listings so it’s just text with like a link or a phone number they can be visual ads they can be retargeted ads meaning that someone searches for your business or a type of your business they search for like jewelry near me and then your jewelry company serves ads on different websites that they go to that’s considered search engine marketing as well and does SEM paying sem help with your SEO well it does bring in more traffic so yes it does help your SEO but it’s shortterm so I’d like to explain that SEO is a long-term investment SEO is a very short term because you have to pay to play so when you when you’re paying Google ads you know you’re going to get more traffic you’re going to get more phone calls naturally but you’re paying for that and as soon as you end that it’s instantly off it stops immediately whereas with SEO you don’t get a bunch of phone calls right off the bat and sometimes people are wondering oh I’ve been doing SEO for 6 months I’m not my phone calls are like there’s you know I’ve only gotten this many phone calls does is it really worth it well you’re investing for the long term so you always have to look at that for SEO because once you build build yourself up to a certain Value Point with your SEO you get that value for the rest of the life of the business so that’s that’s the difference SEO can be paying you dividends on it 5 10 15 20 years down the road whereas sem literally if you start the stop the advertising campaign today tomorrow you get no value you get nothing from it so all that money spent is all just spent for the advertising for that particular time frame that you advertise it’s 2 weeks or it’s 3 weeks whatever you tell Google you want to run it for for the amount you want to spend that’s the time that you’ll get the value and you’ll get no more than that so there is a very little transfer of value that comes from sem when you’re paying Google for Google ads when people click through to your website that’s considered a click to your website so that does give you just a slight little boost especially if people stick around they click on a lot of pages they like your website but if people bounce right out of it that’s not going to add that much value so that’s something to think about so sem and SEO kind of work together but not really that much SEO really is the better investment for your dollars if you’re wondering which one I should spend on it’s better to spend on SEO than sem because it will provide a much better Roi over time I’m not saying that’s that’s just basically comb comparing the two and like which one should I do if I only if I have a $1,000 a month to spend should I spend it on SEO orm and usually the answer almost always is SEO because that ,000 spend say you do that for six months you spent $66,000 that six month spend can pay off for the next 20 years and provide you all kinds of new business that you would and you can make $100,000 to million dollar off of that $6,000 spend whereas if you do it with uh the sem that $6,000 spend you you did it for 6 months you might have gotten some new business during that time but you’ll never get any new business after that so maybe it’s you should do $800 in SEO and $200 in Google ads or you should find that mix that works for you but I want to explain the difference between the two because it is very confusing and if You’ like to learn more about these these topics are extremely complicated Way Beyond just this video right here if you’d like to learn more about it or you’d like some help with your SCM definitely contact out me or or comment down below I’d love to help you out my name is joe with skypoint Studios that’s what I do all the time I run an agency called skypoint we’d love to help you hit your highest point for your business and thank you so much for watching my videos as always and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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