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What’s the Best WordPress Page Building Software?


What is the best page builder for WordPress well WordPress is one of the most popular softwares out there it is the number one software for building a website and when it comes to building a website on WordPress you really want to use a page builder because that’s what allows you to create really really quickly in WordPress great features drag and drop options it competes with all the other drag and drops out there so if Wix and Squarespace are marketing to you saying these are easy to use if you get the right page builder in WordPress it’s actually easier to use than those which or Squarespace and you can do amazing features you can build really cool designs quickly and be able to repeat designs really easily with the right page builder so this video is all about what is the right Page Builder and why and there’s a lot of options out there WordPress has even recently rolled out their own page builder uh a default page builder so you can certainly use that if you want I don’t happen to like that a lot there’s not a lot of features to it and it’s hard to use not that intuitive but you can certainly use the one that’s built in but the one that we use the most often here at skypoint Studio is my web design agency is called Elementor it is the number one most popular page builder out there and the one that you’re going to find the most developers out there are able to pick up and use really really easily because it’s the most universal it’s one of the ones that I find clients have the easiest times picking up on how to use it’s super super simple and intuitive to use so Elementor and Elementor Pro there’s a free version Elementor you can certainly get pretty much everything done with that if you want more features in it like certain slideshows and certain cool things um that are built in you’re going to need the elementary Pro it’s probably worth a subscription if you only have one website I definitely recommend that but there’s some ones to avoid out there and the ones that you don’t want to use or WP Bakery that’s one that you want to avoid at all cost it’s an absolute nightmare breaks down a lot it’s really really slow so don’t do WP Bakery don’t do bricks I’ve seen I’ve had come across some sites where people are using bricks that one’s terrible it’s really really hard to work with um so definitely avoid those if you want a theme that has a builder already built in and I do use this for a couple sites infold NF o l d has an a builder baked into it called Ava AV a and that one works really really well it’s very intuitive to use it comes with all those features that you would get with Elementor Pro just comes in it with the theme when you buy the theme and you can go to theme forest you can buy that theme and fold it’s not that much I think it’s like 60 bucks for the license it comes with the builder already built in so you don’t have to buy like an Elementor Pro or something like that so those are my two recommendations of the ones that you should use you should either be using Elementor or Elementor Pro or you should be using infold Ava those are the two that are the best and I’ve used a whole bunch you know i’ I’ve been in working on WordPress for over 15 years I’ve tried every single possible Builder you can imagine as they first started out as they’ gotten popular as WordPress introduced their own I’ve tried them all out and we’ve we’ve built sites with all kinds of different ones and the best of the best is Elementor and infold Ava so if that’s what you’re looking for right now you need a WordPress Builder to be able to build your new site you’re working on it or you want to do developer who can work on your site and install Elementor so that you’re it’s easy for you to do the work yourself and is going to train you on how to do that that’s something I specialize in every single website that we build here at Sky Point Studios comes with free training on how to run the website so if that’s what you want to do you want to get a beautiful website built but then you could also run it yourself that’s something we specialize in and I’d love to build you a beautiful website and then show you how to run it yourself so you feel empowered uh this is J skyp Point Studios hopefully this has been an enlightening subject if you have more question questions about what’s the best builder and like how does this work where do I find them you know I’m having errors I’m having issues with this particular Builder what do I do I would love to help you out I can certainly answer your questions if you want to comment down below or you can email me or call me and we can do a more you know inperson type of thing or a zoom or a call whatever you need to do to get the support that you need uh again this is Jophiel with Sky Point Studios thank you so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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