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What Feeling Do you Want to Elicit in Your Customers When They Visit Your Business?


What type of feeling do you want to elicit when customers visit your business well for me when I first started my web design agency one of the big things that I wanted to tackle was reducing the pain that people experienced when they worked with a web developer there was so many horror stories of people who had gotten an engagement with the web developer to create a project had paid them all this money and there was just no results being delivered the people were ghosting them not communicating not getting back to them giving them all these like oh yeah yeah I’ll have it done by this time but never getting back to them I wonder resolve all that and that’s part of what I started out as a foundation of my company but nowadays I’m really focused on a whole another level which is creating a a sense of happiness and joy and enjoyment having fun when they’re interacting with my business today I had a client we were working on his new website he was really excited about the new design that came out and he’s in multiple different markets so he has clinics in different markets across Montana and he was asking about how to dominate how to take over those local markets and that’s something I specialize in here and so I was explaining to them exactly how we go about capturing all these the bosen market the Helena Market the Billings Market the m city market and explaining to them exactly how we go about doing that just as I’ve done for sky studios and we’re number one in multiple markets and he was like wow this is I’m actually this is fun like I’m enjoying this process like this is really cool and I was like that’s that’s the type of feeling I want to elicit in my customers I want them to have that dopamine hit of like fun and enjoyment and engagement and competitiveness like when you’re playing sports and you hit a home run and you get your team up you know you’re it was tied 44 but now you hit a home run you’re at 54 you know you’re now ahead in the game that’s the feeling I want to give to my customers when they’re interacting with my business when we’re having meetings when we’re reviewing when I deliver a website to them I wanted them to get a dopamine hit of enjoyment and of fun and engagement and make them want to come back for more so that’s my new goal for the business we’re you know obviously the old goal of eliminating pain is something we’ve been able to establish we do a very good job of that our communication’s insane our delivery times are insane compared to other developers our cost is extremely competitive we do we have great rates great turnaround great communication like we’re just hit firing on all cylinders that way but now I want to take it to an extra higher level which is I want the customers to have fun when they’re interacting with me they’re having fun beating their competitors they’re having fun with their website design because it’s just so exciting so cool so modern and technologically focused so I want to make this video for you to think about what it is your goals that you want how do you want your customer to feel when they interact with your business what is it and the goals that you had when you first started your business you know we started almost 11 years ago now it’ll be 11 years in May the goals when you first started your business they’re probably different than what your goals are today and how we need to re-evaluate and think about and reset new goals for how we want our customer to feel in our business and re-evaluate those you know every few years we should be reevaluating these um so this is joe with Sky Point Studios hopefully this has been an enlighting video.

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