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We back the blue here at SkyPoint Studios!


This video is about law enforcement and how we back the blue here at my company I just onboarded my the fourth officer that we’ve worked with here building their website and building their business and I just want to say that working with these officers who have had a long career as police officers and in different sergeants and different leadership roles some of them have been sheriffs and some of different departments they’re always so respectful and they’re they’re just a pleasure to work with so much and I wanted to thank them you know make this video thanking them for all their service and what they’ve done for our community and that they you know sometimes they get a bad rap but most of them are really genuine very sweet very kind very caring people and my experiences at least with the different ones that I’ve interacted with and who I’ve helped with out with uh building their websites and building their businesses and a lot of more coming piis is they’re very very respectful and very nice and very sweet people and um I I’ve had nothing but pleasurable interactions with them and I want to encourage you know more police officers or you know people that are in that field that want to be have their own Pi business or they want to start some type of entrepreneurial entrepreneurial business you know that come to us we offer great discounts we offer great support we build a great product for your business for your website and for your logo um to be able to get your business going and it’s something that’s just been a pleasure and like I said we’re on our this is our fourth officer that we’ve supported some of them are with narcotics they they started a narcotic training business some of them are training active Shooters uh they have an active shooter business um some of them have Pi business I have two of them that have Pi businesses um that was the gentleman yesterday that I was helping with his new Pi business and that you know they’re just so great to work with they always they love the work that we create and they’re just so appreciative of it and uh so I I would love to work with more officers and I’d love to support them in their journey and like I said we offer a great discount and a great value for them to help them get started with their businesses and as a thank you for everything that they’ve done for our community uh and their sometimes thankless job and how hard they work and all the stress that goes on their families and everything do keeping us in our neighborhood safe and keeping people safe out there so thank you to law enforcement shout out to you we support you 100% here at sky Studios and we got you guys back we got your six so thank you so much for watching I’m Jophiel with Sky Point Studios and I will catch you on the next video.

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