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We Are a No Stalemate Web Design Firm!


We are a no stalemate agency what does that mean well when web design agencies often times they’ll request you provide them a lot of different documents files information you know pictures from the business the logo all the different information about the business and they can’t start your project or finish your project more importantly until they’ve received all these different documents well at our agency we wanted to turn things around because we found that was a major pain point and it’s it’s always challenging for customers to gather all this information of course if they already have website you can grab some of those things but most people don’t like the information that’s on the website it’s outdated and so a lot of firms will just hang around you know I was recently talking to a client and this the whole reason why I came up with this uh concept with this video is he’s like well it’s been about two years since I first contracted and paid a development agency 50% deposit and they’re still waiting on me to get some content and like he’s like can you help me get the content so I helped him get the content he’s like I want you to polish up their design when they get it done and uh so that’s something that we wanted to eradicate here at my firm we’re called a rapid development agency which means that we we don’t build prototypes we build directly towards the end goal and we do not wait around for you to provide us with images and files and any of that type of stuff we’re going to fill in the gaps we’re just going to you know put in some nice content we’re going to put in some photos we’re going to design everything the only real thing that that we we do need you know if it’s not there and we definitely can design this for you is a logo like there has to be a a brand concept that’s pretty much the main thing that we actually do need because we can’t really design anything anything without a brand concept you know the brand colors have to be right you know those types of things but at one you know if there’s a brand if there’s a logo everything else can be filled in and we do not wait around we do not create stalemates with our clients just waiting for them to send us stuff we’re going to just develop we’re just going to build something out and usually when we build this out it’s really cool process because it it helps to stimulate or to you know encourage the client to understand what is left that they need to fill in because in the beginning there’s it’s it’s like anything you know it’s like when you you when you want to organize your garage you’re looking at all the work that has to be done if you just break it down be like okay you just need to do this little pile right here and just get that once that’s done then you can move on to the next one and you feel good it’s like little victories and so that’s how we approach web design we will just crank out something we’re just going to get you a we’re going to get you a prototype it’s going to be live on the web with the link that we just share it’s going to have some things in there it might have some stock photos it might have some content that you’re like oh wow that’s kind of crazy you know like that’s a lot of that’s pretty good of that needs to be changed and I get that’s the type of feedback we get from our clients they’re like hm I I like the direction you’re going in of course we need to have new photos here of course we need to have some content I’m like fantastic you go ahead and fill in those little details because it helps the client out and our goal is to make the process as easy as possible reduce the pain for the customer and make the process quicker and faster because ultimately that’s how we make a better product in a faster time and how we have great price points because we have that formula down so when you prototype and when you wait around around for the customer and you ask request all this stuff you know that’s what big agencies do and that’s why they have like big huge costs so I wanted to have a different model where like we’re we’re fast on our feet we’re light we create beautiful products but at a very very affordable cost and that’s why we just kick the butt of a lot of competition and why we’ve been able to grow so rapidly in multiple different markets and why our agency has ranked so high and we win Awards so if you’re looking for an agency like that who has excellent customer service is very fast it’s not going to sit around and wait for you to provide them things it’s just going to bust something out and you’re going to go wow that’s pretty cool let me just fill in the rest of the details then we’re certainly that Agency for you and I would love to be your agency person to help you out to build your brand this is joeel with Sky Point Studios thank you so much as always for watching my videos and I’mma catch you on the next one.

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