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The Official Microsoft Clarity Account Commented on my TikTok video!


The official Microsoft Clarity account commented on one of my Tik Tok videos and it it inspired me to want to make a video about how I think it’s really important as small business owners medium-sized business owners that we try to make content around the latest and greatest products that are in our industry that have just come out and if you can make content about that make a video or make a blog post or make a social media post featuring and talking about that new product that’s in the industry and how you’re incorporating in your business or how you’re using it how you might be using a specific tool it allows you to get out there in front of the pack before other people and kind of be able to show yourself as a leader in that space and I thought it was kind of neat that the actual official Microsoft uh company page actually commented thank you for sharing and and highlighting our software uh about Microsoft Clarity which is a really cool product it’s a lot like Google annually but it shows you where people are going like on a heat map on your website what pages they’re visiting and I thought it was a really cool tool but I made the video like literally L within a couple days of this software launching and I put it out almost a year ago now on Tik Tok and or I put it on all my platforms but it was really cool just just today Microsoft reached out and and the official Microsoft account uh reached out and said thank you for sharing that and I thought that was really cool it’s just another reminder that when you put yourself in places that are kind of trailblazing when you review things or show off the greatest and latest things that are in your your industry you can really catch the attention of people that you would never expect like when I made that video i’ Never Ed the actual Microsoft account the official one to comment and notice it that I was putting out this content about it uh but it’s a really nice validation that the content that I’m creating does get noticed uh you know not only by just you know some of the people in my local market but obviously all the way up at Microsoft somebody noticed it at the corporate location and decided to reach out and say thank you for featuring us so this is just a reminder that uh no matter what industry you’re in there’s always like new latest greatest products software things that are dropping there’s trade shows where you can find the latest cool things and this is just a reminder uh if you get if you try out a new product and it’s brand new you should think about creating a video or creating content or creating something around that that shows off how that works in your business and what kind of value the goods and the the pros and the cons the good and the bad of it and uh show other people you know should they get invested in this new product should they buy the latest version you know uh I think that makes great content it’s very interesting and you could help other business owners out there and people who are also wondering about it uh and that’s a great way to build your business and build your brand when you help others and Enlighten others on different things that you’re experiencing especially the latest and greatest that’s coming out so this is Joe with Sky Point Studios I wanted to make this video because I was inspired by the fact that I reached uh someone at that level uh just through my content and I hope that you also get inspired to do the same thank you so much for watching my videos as always and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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