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Success in Business is like Playing Guitar Hero


This video is for those who are new to business and I’m going to talk a little bit about some of my inspiration and how I kind of think about business and going about it and how to become successful in business I have a an analogy that I want to share but this video May resonate with some people who have been in business for a while some veteran business owners but most people are going to know this if you’ve been in business for a while it’s pretty obvious uh but I wanted to share this message because I thought about this analogy and I thought it was a pretty good analogy I’ve been in business uh since 2006 that’s when I first started one of my first business businesses I went to a chamber after hours that was my very first introduction to business um and I’ve been in multiple different businesses since then I run a web design agency called Sky Point Studios and I’ve been we start been in business since 2013 so we’re over our 10e anniversary um I’m not a business coach by any means I do web design but I’m very involved in business and I work with businesses all the time so I help them build their businesses so I feel like I have a pretty good pulse on what it takes to build a good successful business and so I want to share an analogy so if you’re starting out in business maybe you’re you know you’re just getting out of college and you’re young and you’re thinking about business as a career or you know your your second career you’ve you’ve done corporate world when you’re starting out you’re launching your business this is how I want you to think about it so I need to use this analogy hopefully you’ve played guitar hero or one of those dance dance revolutions games where it has timing that you have to hit the notes in certain timing on it in order to get a high score in order to pass certain levels so the analogy I want to use is that business success in business is very much like Guitar Hero in the sense that you have to hit the timing of the different things so when a customer emails you for request about information about a product or they message you on social media the amount of time that you get back to them with the response time that you get back to them the closer you can get to good quick response time so like less than 20 minutes that’s basically hitting that note right on it if it takes you 2 3 4 hours or even the next day or a couple days to get back to them you’ve missed that note and that no longer that doesn’t count as good timing so timing is everything timing when you respond to customers that are calling you and they’re asking for a quote timing when you get receive uh the payment from a customer and you have to deliver something to them you know that timing when you give them a estimate you say you know it’s going to take two to three weeks you know you don’t necessarily want to take the two to three weeks but you definitely don’t want to go over the two to three weeks ideally you come in at a week week and a half so that you’re giving them the sense that you know their their project or their product or what they need done for them is is a priority and that you’re putting energy and effort into it so that’s hitting the note just right um so that’s that’s kind of how it is it’s answering the phone answering the phone is a big one in regards to this analogy that I want to use so if you’re not answering the phone regularly if you’re not paying attention to your phone if your phone is not literally glued to your hip while during the hours that the business is open and somebody either I mean you as a business owner when you first start out you’re a business owner you need to answer that phone until you can hire somebody to answer the phone for for you that phone needs to be answered every single time doesn’t matter if it’s it looks like a Spam call it doesn’t matter if you what you think about that or you think oh I’ll just I’ll just let them leave a message and I’ll call them back that’s not hitting the note properly you need to answer the phone you need to answer emails you need to answer text messag you need to answer messages on your social media whether it’s Tik Tok Facebook someone messages you on there you need to get right back to them immediately and I know this is can be stressful so when you’re new in business you’re like oh this is overwhelming because when you have a job you you just get it done when you get it done and you know like your job’s not necessarily going to reward you for hitting all these things sometimes they do sometimes you get a raise and sometimes your boss you know but not always sometimes you do everything’s exactly right in a job and you never get a raise and sometimes you don’t hit all those things in a job and you still get the raise so a job is inconsistent where as a business owner you’re really setting your own sale so hitting all those markers answering every single phone call answering every single email getting back to people immediately you know providing a really good service when after you deliver something to somebody and then they come back 2 weeks later and they say well oh you know by the way I just need this little bit done or I need a little bit more here or you missed this part coming right back and boom and just getting it done immediately um is such a big part of what I’m talking about this analogy about hitting all the notes exactly right as if you’re playing Guitar Hero and you want to be a master of Guitar Hero you want your business to grow you just hit all those notes exactly right and it’s a recipe for Success so just get in there every single day and just hit all those notes don’t think about don’t worry about too much about the big plan or the big vision set your course of making sure every single day you’re going to hit all those notes and you do that day in and day out and eventually you look back and you have a a booming beautiful business that takes care of you like you took care of it so this is Joe Sky Studios hopefully this video has resonated with you uh definitely share me with me uh your journey how it goes and if you like this analogy or not and uh thank you so much for watching my videos as always I’ll catch you on the next one.

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