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Received a warning message that your iCloud storage is about to be full and need to upgrade account?


Have you received a message from Apple stating that your iCloud account is full or getting close to full and you need to upgrade to another plan well in this video I wanted to cover that because I was just dealing with this yesterday and I found out that there’s some pretty ridiculous things as far as the amount of data that’s being saved by Apple um and I went into my settings area went to my iCloud you can go to settings go to iCloud and I went and checked which apps are filling up all this data cuz I was up getting up to the very top of the cap and it turns out that there was like 35 GB from t to that had been saved on the phone for some reason and I would I called Apple I asked them what’s going on with this like why what what possibly could you be saving from Tik Tok and their answer was well it’s probably the videos that you saved or something like that and I was like well that’s that’s not necessarily the case because I don’t get video saved from Tik Tok into my photos area so that doesn’t really make sense and also if you were to delete Tik Tok and like I was to sign in on a brand new device all the videos I saved and anything I’d ever done on the app would all be saved on Tik Tok servers not on my phone so I’m like what what how would I even use that data like tell me how those 35 GB of data would even be accessible so anyways this basically led me down the rabbit hole to be able to figure out how to turn off all the different apps from saving so if you go into Apps that use iCloud under the settings for iCloud you there’s a show more it’s going to list about four or five click show all apps click go into there and then scroll to the bottom and you can see all of like your social media apps that are being saved on iCloud so like you got Facebook you got Instagram you got Tik Tok you need to turn all these off basically turn off every single app you could possibly think of because there’s no data that’s not sa that’s saved locally on your phone that you’re going to require the only thing that an app doesn’t already have saved in its Cloud so you’re really paying for data for no no data that you honestly can’t even use like even if I wanted to tr somehow try to get to that 35 gigabytes of data that I had from Tik Tok if I want to figure out how to get to it it’s impossible it’s not it doesn’t live in my phone anywhere I couldn’t like load it up any I couldn’t like open like a spreadsheet and see what the data was it’s imp possible so what’s what are they doing they’re basically scamming us this is a straightup scam by Apple for them to save that much data from social media apps that already have everything backed up to the social media app Cloud it’s they’re they’re not saving anything local that you need so and and no apps do there’s no apps I have a mobile app for my car that I can do different things with my app for my car it’s saving data from that like what I can load that up on a different device it’s not going to have any difference in the data that’s being saved so there’s no reason to back up the data to your device or any apps they’re all they’re all those are all in the cloud so you might need your photos you definitely probably need your iMessages and your contacts like this is some pretty standard stuff that’s the reason why I even bought a more premium iCloud storage plan is because I want to make sure that I have all the data for my messages my contacts and my photos like those are the things that you you can’t uh really get back if you do end up losing your device or something happens and you have to go get a new device those are the things that are important everything else is not important so this is a PSA uh uh message to let you know that you should go in and change your iCloud settings because apple is basically trying to scam us by getting us to save all this data that’s totally not even necessary uh if you have more questions about this uh you can definitely comment down below I’ll see if I can help you out with your iCloud storage settings and my name is Joe with skypoint Studios I run a web design agency I do videos about technology about web design about marketing things like that and so I just noticed this and thought I’d make a video really quick and thank you so much for watching my videos as always and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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