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What are three things that we can do to improve our search rankings or our position of our company in 2024 so it’s more competitive against other businesses in our same industry where we can be where customers can find us and get the phone ringing more get more inquiries more requests for quotes more uh purchases on our products how can we improve those so here are three things to do so first we’re going to start with what we need to do is document more of our process so we need to get more footage video footage make videos of what we’re doing we need to write more produce more blog posts more interesting information about our products we describe them more come up with more case uses and ways that people are using them we need to document document document that’s number one so we definitely want to create more content um at least once per week or once every two weeks you need to be making something create a video create a blog post add more descriptions put in some more keywords to the website we need to do this all right number two is we want to make connections with some of our partners so you have vendors that you work with you have other businesses that are aligned with you maybe they’re in a networking group with you maybe you purchase things from them or they purchase things from you consistently and they have a good you have a good working relationship maybe you worked with them for you know three four five 10 years even let’s say what I want you to do is to reach out to them and say hey we would love to feature you on our website we’re creating a new page on our website this is uh Partners we work with or these are Community Resources or these are people that we recommend and on that we’re going to put a little description of your business we’re going to put a link to your website if you would please somewhere on your website return and put a link back to our website we’ really appreciate that not a requirement we’re going to do it anyways but if you would we would really appreciate that so we’re going to create strategic strategic Partnerships with let’s say three new people this year on their website so they link back to us so we’re going to create some more back links and then the last thing we’re going to do is we need to push this content out to the web we need to be showing Google that we’re popular in lots of different places that we create regular content so we need to update our Facebook our Yelp our Twitter our LinkedIn all the different places that you have a profile for your business if you don’t have those profiles definitely work on setting those up if you have the profiles don’t just leave them a desert you need to be building on those those are real estate it’s just like having a piece of real estate that you never develop the value is just not going to increase that much but if we can develop it that property soon becomes super valuable it starts to produce for us it makes things for us it’s it’s like farming you have to invest in the land for to produce something back to us it can’t just be a Barren piece of land and expect there to be a lot of value coming out of that that’s how these properties work online and we want to make sure that we’re increasing the amount of properties we have but we want to increase the value so you need to be posting on those that’s where the that the step two where you’re creating content that content goes on your website but then it goes out to all the different social places so like just this video right here is going to go out to several different social media sites around seven total that we post to after this video gets posted and that shows Google that we’re active across the web in many different places not only does it get exposure that way but it also just lets Google know signifies that we’re active on the web we’re an active business so when Google looks to see how involved in the community we are when they’re comparing us against our competitors wow this company posts a lot of different places pretty consistently they’re updating their website they have lots of people pointing to them with their backlinks and they update all their social media pages so if you can do those three things this year and you can do it consistently I guarantee you by this time next year your website and your presence and your competition against everybody else who does what you do is going to improve and you’re going to be pulling in more customers and you’re going to be increasing the bottom line and that’s what you want to do as a business owner this is Jophiel with Sky Point Studios if you have any questions about this video or about SEO techniques how to improve I would love to share that with you that’s what I focus on us what I specialize in and I would love to help you out so joe Sky Point Studios thank you so much as always for watching my videos and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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