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Oh no! Google is Updating Their Search algorithm! What are We Going to do?


How do you deal with Google’s updates to SEO and how they change their algorithms and what are you going to do I got this question today in a business meeting where customers were asking me about what I do for SEO and then they’re like well what do you do when Google does all these updates and I wanted to make a video and address this because the answer I gave to them is that we’ve been in business for almost 11 years now it’ll be 11 years in May and as much as people try to say that Google changes it it absolutely still pretty much stays the same and I think it’s one of the most ridiculous things that you’ll hear from people who do SEO is like oh there’s this new new Google Update and it’s going to mess with your website and everything’s going to change and nothing will be the same as it was before and all that is absolute garbage all the only reason they’re doing these videos is just try and make it sound like they’re experts or they know a lot they know everything that’s going on with Google the fundamentals of how Google serves up searches has been the same and hardly ever ever changes they serve up websites that provide value they serve up websites that have enough backlinks or votes from other websites endorsing them that this is a good website they serve up questions to answers that are well documented they serve up sites that have good so social proof these are types of things that are index and ranking factors that are inside of Google’s um algorithm that are secrets to their recipes just like the secret to the formula to Coca-Cola it’s a secret nobody knows exactly what’s going on they can release some documentation about this update or this change to the algorithm but nobody who even uh is an expert including myself even knows exactly what they’re doing Google doesn’t tell us exactly what they’re changing or how to actually work on it the only tried and true thing that you can count on is that good content works good backlinks work updating your social media regularly Works having good clean listings with accurate information that works having a really good website platform structure like a WordPress that works you know having GoDaddy Builders and Wicks and Squarespace that doesn’t work doesn’t work well no GoDaddy or Wix or Squarespace are number one in their markets go search for any competitive term in your local market look for realtors landscapers roofers plumbers electricians just put in electric your city roofer your city plumber your city and look at those the very first website that comes up at the top of the search below the map listings look at the very first one click over it click view page source and look and see if a single one of those is a Wix a GoDaddy website builder or a Squarespace and I guarantee you none of them are they’re usually either custom built WordPress you know those those are the ones that actually Rank and WordPress is great because it has amazing SEO capabilities it’s built for for blogging has giant architecture between tags and categories and posts and pages and everything is properly tagged and indexed and it makes a huge ball of content so WordPress works really great not to say that other sites can’t rank in certain ways they just don’t compete as well so this is what Google likes they want to serve up the best content they want to answer the questions the best and that doesn’t change so the next time you hear some SEO expert telling you oh no there’s a Google update in everything’s going to change just know they’re only doing that as a hyperbole and they’re trying to get clicks and they’re trying to get views and um it’s there’s not there’s the sky is not falling and go the way that you serve content to Google and on your website it’s going to stay the same it’s not going to change you’re going to continue to create good content create value for people and when you create good value for people then the results show and you get business for it that’s the that’s the formula that stays the same little tweaks and changes here and there sure those can happen and you get into the nitty-gritty of this and that but if you just stay you know forget that nonsense and just focus on the core which is provide good content have really good backlinks update your social medias make sure all your listings are accurate and you have as many listings as possible and get as many reviews as possible I just listed five things you can do you do those five things consistently day in day out you don’t have to worry about any of the updates or anything else so this is Joe sky Point Studios hopefully this has been enlightening uh I would love to help you with your SEO or your website definitely get a hold of me and like I always say thank you so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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