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Need to Pick a New Phone Number for your Business?


Creating a business number or a second number for your business is something that you have to do sometimes either you’re opening a new location or you’re opening a new business and you don’t want to use your personal phone number and luckily nowadays there’s a lot of great options you can certainly go through your phone provider but you’re going to pay more money I recommend just going through like one some of these apps that are out there uh GoDaddy has a great app called SmartLine um there’s also one called burner there’s grasshopper you can just go to the App Store and put in a phone number and it will pull up a bunch of app options um I just used burner today it was a pretty good app but I want to make this video because um when you’re creating a new phone number for your business there’s some things you need to think through some strategy that needs to be done before you select your phone number and it’s really important that’s why I want to make this video just don’t don’t just randomly select a number because there’s there’s issues or pitfalls that can happen so first of all you know download the app get it set up it’s going to ask you what area code you want to use and so this is how I did it um I’m setting up a new business location in Phoenix this will be our fourth location um so I was looking I what I did was I Google searched businesses in Phoenix went to a the chamber business directory and went and looked what’s the most common area code that most businesses use turns out it’s 480 now there’s a lot of area codes in Phoenix but 480 is a very very popular one for businesses and why do I want the most popular area code because I want my business to be amongst all the other businesses and perceived as being in the community of Phoenix and not some outside business so that’s the first step at least for me you might not care but I wanted to share that with you because that’s a strategy I needed to go look at what is the most common area code that most businesses are using turns out as 480 that was what I put in as the area code that I wanted then it gave me I think about five or six different options of numbers that started with the 480 uh area code and so this part is extremely important and this is what the main reason why wanted to make this video is don’t just randomly select a number what I did was I went and I took the first number and I typed it out with the dashes you know 1 two 3 digits d one 2 3 digits D12 3 four digits pasted it into Google and searched what are the results in Google and you’re looking for other businesses that are using this phone number if there’s other businesses that are using the phone number that’s off the table now one of the numbers I searched actually had an escort service setup under it so if you Google search the number and the number one result was an escort service could you imagine if I picked this number now all of a sudden my people are like who’s calling me or who’s this bu business number they’re Google search and it looks they’re like what the heck it’s an escort that would be a terrible choice to randomly select that number so you definitely don’t want an escort service but you also don’t want any numbers that are being used by other businesses this is very very important for SEO purposes for for SE search engine optimization your number needs to be unique to your business it needs to be properly identified to your business and not confusing with Google thinking oh this other business is using it maybe multiple businesses are excuse me multiple businesses are using it that’s that could be a real problem for your SEO so it’s important to do this Google Search and I went through and I checked all of them all five or six options decided on there was like I think two that had no other businesses using them and so once once I got down to the two that had no other businesses using them they were completely clear it said no search results found when I Google searched them now I just look at now it’s just like kind of an aesthetic thing like what numbers how do I kind of like the numbers how do they look how do they sound when you say them you know this is just a very personal choice doesn’t really matter that much but you know to me like I just want to get a number that I thought was kind of uh you know easy to say or kind of look good or whatever aesthetically so that you could pick that at the very end you know kind of the numbers that you kind of like once you’ve already cleared weed it through that first search check to make sure nobody else is using it so I want to make a video about this because a lot of people probably have never thought about this or how to do this or how to pick a number probably wouldn’t even cross your mind you probably just go randomly pick some number and go and call it a day but there is some strategy behind it especially when it comes to search engine optimization because now you’re going to take that number and you’re go out and put it on all your listings for that particular market so you need to go do you know a Facebook page a LinkedIn page a Twitter page a Yelp page a you know the Google local listing um a Yellow Pages you know etc etc etc etc and I have on my website I have the top 50 places to list your business for free you may want to go check that link out I’ve done other videos about that but this is Joe Phil with Sky Point Studios hopefully this has been enlightening and you enjoy this video If so stick around for more videos just like this one I love helping people build their business online and I will catch you in the next one.

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