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Looking forward to #ces2024 😁


It’s CES week so excited CES is the Consumer Electronics Show it happens every single January of the year it brings us all the latest gadgets and technology and devices and smart cars and all kinds of cool stuff uh in CES this year it’s a big push for AI so there’s going to be an integration of AI in all kinds of different sectors uh I’m really excited to go there and see what companies are doing what they’re bringing forward what The Cutting Edge technology is some really cool things I’ve seen so far coming out there is a new TV that is completely translucent you can see all the way through it so you can do some really cool things like make a fish tank with it uh other like if someone’s speaking on it it looks like they’re 3D in the room with you so you can actually see behind them uh it’s very very cool TV so I’m looking to get some video of that definitely want to hit up some of the other booths like the Sony Booth the Mercedes-Benz Booth uh some of the other big players huwei um I’d like to get some footage from those definitely comment down below let me know know what you would like to see at CES uh what type of AI robots automation smart cars what are you interested in and what would you like me to get footage of uh I definitely am taking requests it starts tomorrow it goes Tuesday through Friday and I have a media badge so I can get access to all kinds of different places if there’s a specific company or technology or something that you see that’s interesting that you saw somewhere like what I mentioned about the see-through TV and you want to get a deeper dive you want me to go in there and get some video and maybe interview some of the people who are with the company I definitely can do that comment down below and I will take some requests and I’ll go out and make that footage here this week so I’m super excited and I will be putting a lot of videos on my YouTube channel where you can see me go live or you can see me make videos about specific companies and Tech pieces uh and so I’m super excited Jo with Sky Point Studios the web developer as always keeping you informed what’s going on with the web and technology and I will see you at CES if you’re there or I will see you back on my channel in my next video thank you so much for watching I’ll catch you soon.

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