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Local Listings are a Huge Factor in How a Business Will Come up Online When Customers are Searching!


Let’s talk about local listings for your business so local listings are a really important part of your search engine optimization or of improving your website and your business’s presence online and basically local listings are places where you list your business so it could be like a Yellow Pages it could be a LinkedIn page it could be a Facebook page there’s literally hundreds of different places you can list your business online most of them are free and there’s different services that will provide you the ability to just automate this process and wanted to make a video because I highly suspect that some of these automated Services um are don’t actually claim do what they claim to do completely so the apis are like the connection string that connects between a service provider like a Moz who’s going to be doing your local listings and all these different providers like a yellow pages white pages all these different ones yex you know all these different directories those connection strings you know they’re going to be updated and sometimes they break and so the ability for Mo to just automatically submit all your information and have it all updated correctly in the right places on all those listings is I’ve shown I’ve been able to kind of check and see over time that it’s not 100% accurate and you miss a lot of different listings so here we offer both Services here at my company we have the automated one we use Moz and we certainly can do that for you it’s a very easy kind of a cost friendly type of way to do it um but we also offer a service that many other companies don’t offer which is a manual process so we’ll actually we’ll create you an email account that we’re going to unlock all the accounts and then we’re going to go through and we’re going to manually go to all the top 50 of them and we have a list on our website of the top 50 places to list your business for free we’re going to go in there we’re going to manually create you an account and when you do manual it’s so much better because you’re able to fill out all the extra little details that the Moz one misses and you’re going to make sure that they’re accurate and you’re actually going to get the profiles published and there’s a much higher chance you have a higher that higher amount of listings that are in the right accurate amount and when it comes to SEO the nap or the name address phone number that’s basically a short-term way of saying that all your information needs to be accurate across all these listings so the more accurate all your information is across all the listings the better your score is going to be for your SEO it’s one of the main ranking factors because Google wants to see that you’re well listed on many many different sites and that the information listed is all correct you know do you have the right phone number do you have the right address you know do you have a a contact information as far as an email you know do you have the right hours of operation do you have a description in your business do you have a logo you know you have links to all your social media profiles you know etc etc etc so when you have all those really really well filled out on a many many different profiles across the web let’s say you have 50 of them done that increases the value of your business on the web by a huge factor it’s one of the major ranking factors but I want to make this video because I don’t think a lot of people understand that when you use one of those automated Services how poor the quality can be and they don’t I don’t think anybody’s really going in checking those listings so you’re just like taking them on the word they like oh yeah we just we just did a whole bunch of them we did hundreds of them for you it’s like yeah but like if you go check those listings you know how many of them are actually completed and how many of them are actually accurate and so that’s what I’m saying I’m not I’m not saying that they’re you know those are a scam or they’re a bad I’m not saying that that at all I’m just saying that the accuracy and and the consistency is something that we have to bring into question and it could be perfect you never know you might get lucky you go and you fill it out on on like a Moz or one of those tools you know there’s a bunch of different companies that have those tools and you fill it out and boom and it works all great and and that that would be fantastic and and I’m just saying let’s be scientific about it and let’s check it out and let’s not just take them on their word for this but if you really want to know that they’re actually done correctly and you can you can do it manually and you don’t even have to hire a company like me I actually have a link to where you can go to the top 50 places to fit fill out your business information you just the links are it’s really cool because it’s set up so that the links when you click it like Google business profile it goes right to where you add it and then it goes like you know Yellow Pages goes right to where you add it so it’s super helpful because you can just down the list click the link go and fill out all your business details publish it and then move on to the next one so it does take a little bit of time but you know that you got it done right so in this on the web on some of the places where I post this video I’m going to post in the description a link to our page where you can get the top 50 places to post your business for free I highly recommend you go and do this if you can just nail like one or two per week and then you just start doing that eventually you’ll get to all 50 of them and your business is going to be cooking so hopefully that’s helpful for you if you do want to hire me and my company to do these for you you certainly can do that we can either do the automated one which is you know more affordable or we can do the manual one it’s a little more expensive but we can make sure we get them all done we have both options available for you definitely comment down below if you’d like that and thank you so much as always for watching my videos and I’m going catch you on the next one.

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