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Is your Google Local Listing Profile Showing as Incomplete?


Is your business Google listing profile showing that is not fully completed there’s a little part of the top of the profile um that like shows you whether you’re completed it’ll be all green if it’s not completed it’s going to show like a circle and it’s going to say that it’s not complete it’s going to have some steps that you need to do but when you try to go through those steps sometimes it’s just like showing you ads of things that you like should purchase from Google and you’re wondering like would that make it completed but it won’t make it completed it doesn’t actually help um there’s some different things that you can do to troubleshoot this and figure this out I was just helping a friend of mine uh through Zoom look at her profile on Google and it was it was exactly like that it was like almost completed on the circle but there was like a little piece missing and she was wondering what it was and so like looking through the profile one of the things that I noticed was that there was no address on the business and in Google business listings an address is like the number one thing that’s really what it’s all about is an address so if if you don’t have an address they they do make some changes and the there was times back um where they used to allow you to kind of have a profile without a location and you just like serve the community but they’ve really changed a lot of that they’ve really cranked down on like making sure that these are actual active listings with actual businesses and even gone as far as to like force people to take a picture of their signage in front of their location and their vehicles and like some really stringent rules because they’re trying to crack down on people that are squatting in areas that you know like setting up business locations where they don’t really actually have a business location so what I noticed was that she didn’t have an address set for her location and my guess is that was probably what was causing it so we went ahead and added her address location for for her business profile and submitted that and it’s being reviewed don’t really know yet whether that’s going to complete the profile but my guess is it probably will so I want to make this video because if you are having that same issue with your Google Business local listing and it’s showing that the profile is not completed and you don’t have an address set up that may be what makes the difference and some people may ask well I don’t have like an actual office address I would have added that if I did well you know you can add your home address that if that’s where you’re doing business from usually you have like an office in your house that you’re doing business from same thing would be like with for tax purposes where you’re like writing off that office you know you can look at it the same way you’re doing business from that location and so that is the address of your business you can mark it so that you don’t serve customers at that location and if a customer ever does happen to go oh well I drove by and like I noticed it was just a house like you say well okay I meet clients you know like I’ll meet you at a coffee shop or I’ll meet you at this at you know some other type of office you know like a an office share or I’ll meet you at your office or you know we just do things virtual I’ll do Zoom with you you can explain it to your customers but for Google’s local listing purposes you need an address that’s how these Google profiles work and when someone puts the service or the business you know near them they’re looking for your services near them that’s how it finds that’s how it it searches it and connects those dots in the Google search engine is based on the address so you’re missing out on all that opportunity to pull in new business in that Circle all around you when people are searching for services near them you’re missing out on those searches with your Google business profile if you don’t have an address set so I would recommend setting your home address if you don’t have a business address you can certainly go to like some of those executive suites and buy um you know office share space they’re not very expensive if you’re in a bigger city I know some smaller cities don’t have this but you know if you’re in a bigger city you can buy an office share and you can put the address of that on your business profile but you need an address on your business profile that is so so crucial so hopefully that fixes my friend’s issue and if you have the same issue hopefully that will help your issue um if you need more help with your Google Business listing um definitely comment down below I’d love to see if I can help you out as well um it’s something that I definitely work with a lot I set these up for businesses all the time and I deal with a lot of um the issues that can arise so hopefully that’s helpful let me know if I can help you out with a business profile as well Google business profile and like I always say thank you so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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