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Is your company set up with a barter exchange?


Is your business a part of any barter exchanges or barter networks if you’re not familiar what a barter network is it’s basically an organization that you join as a member and it allows you to trade with other members that are looking for your services and then you can find other services to trade with basically there trade dollars and you pay a percentage in cash oftentimes that percentage is like 6% of the transaction or 7% of the transaction so if someone purchases $1,000 worth of goods from your business it’s going to cost you $70 to get that that ,000 in trade cash now you can go spend that ,000 at somebody else’s business that’s going to cost you another $70 so basically to move that $1000 around is going to cost you $140 but you know you’ve just just done $1,000 worth of transaction with a business and it only cost you $1 140 bucks overall within getting the money and with the spending the money so it’s really a great way to leverage and to get your network built bigger I really encourage businesses to do this we’re actually uh here at Sky Point Studios we’re part of three different networks now so we’re part of Saturn IMS and itex three different barter exchanges and it really allows you to do different cool things we just went on a business trip to Phoenix I was able to go to multiple different restaurants uh went to the aquarium all on trade I just had a vehicle worked on it was like over $1,600 that was all done on trade um so there there’s advertising opportunities there’s mechanics there’s restaurants there’s um different shows you can go to I’ve got to a lot of different shows on trade and it’s just a different way to expand your business because there’s businesses that have networked with my company that have come to me for websites for emails for marketing um for the services that I offer that I would have never found it opens up my network further and then you know when I go to you know do that if I would go to repair my vehicle that’s the type of thing that you know I don’t really want to spend that $1,600 it was great to be able to leverage that if I want to go see some particular shows it opens up the range of shows that I might go to that I would never have thought of going to or restaurants um so it’s just it opens up your worldview to more opportunity and it does save you some some Revenue some bucks uh with some different things that you would normally spend on or just expanding your pallet Beyond things that you would normally spend on so I highly encourage you get into barter with your business uh there’s a special going on right now with one of the networks that I’m a part of they’re giving you a bonus $150 in cash when you sign up um so contact me down below let me know if you’re interested in signing up I will definitely put you in as a referral um that will give me a bonus I get 150 bucks bonus you get 150 bucks bonus for signing up I think it’s a great deal uh even with without that bonus which I think goes the end of the month even without that I definitely recommend you sign up for one of the networking barter exchanges that are in your area and most major cities have one of these barter networks that are available and those barter networks you usually expand into other cities or they can work with sister barter exchanges as well so this is Joe with Sky Point Studios I want to make a video encouraging you to get started with your barter exchange experience uh because I think it’s a great thing for your business and a great way to expand uh thank you so much for watching my videos as always and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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