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Is your Business on TikTok and Posting Regularly?


Video is about Tik Tok and why I think your business should be on Tik Tok so a lot of people are adverse to the platform they don’t want to get on it they don’t understand it but as a business owner we always need to take advantage of new new platforms and new ways to expand our business that are you know going to be low cost or easy to hop into and Tik Tok definitely ticks all the boxes because it allows us to get major exposure for our business for little time or cost uh that you can’t get on any other platform no other platform will expand your exposure for your business in places the way that Tik Tok does so it’s a lot like the way that Instagram was when Instagram first started you get major exposure for your business because it would actually push you the algorithm would push you out further and that’s what Tik Tok currently does so I know it could be tough but I need to start thinking about making content for Tik Tok and in this video I’m just going to talk a little bit about my journey on Tik Tok I’ve made several videos on there since I started um about a year maybe a little over a year ago on Tik Tok and I have have a couple that went kind of semi little bit semi viral I did one about how to get out of a iPhone group text message not necessarily about web design uh my company is about web design but you know I’m Tech related I’m it’s Tech adjacent and it was something that I was having an issue and I solved it and I figured well I’m going to make a Tik Tok video well I was going to make a video about it put it on Tik Tok and it happened to get like close to 90,000 views now that’s not actually viral of course but for a company like me for for me to try and get 990,000 views on any piece of content that I put out on YouTu YouTube or Facebook or LinkedIn or anything on LinkedIn I have uh like 23,000 followers or something like that which is pretty pretty good following but I still even with 203,000 people following on LinkedIn I’m nowhere near I’m getting 90,000 views on any of my content um you know and so that’s incredible like the content I make is not the type of content that you know should justify major major views because it’s not Shock content it’s not really you know it’s interesting to a certain degree but it doesn’t have major necessarily Mass Appeal so this video I made about iPhones that got 990,000 views is incredible exposure and I did put that same video on all those other platforms that didn’t get those type of views so I think it’s a good example of how your business can get crazy exposure um there for free just with your time making videos and you should put it on Tik Tok and just a couple little tips about Tik Tok um I know when you work inside the platform if you edit inside the platform you can get more benefit off the platform I do I don’t do my editing inside Tik Tok it’s not something I do or take advantage of still have been doing pretty good one of the things about Tik Tok too is that they promote your push your video further or get more exposure to your video when you’re using Tik Tok so uh it’s Again part of kind of this whole thing where anybody who’s who’s watching this video who’s not on Tik Tok or is not posting Tik Tok it’s probably be like oh I have to not only do I have to create for Tik Tok now you want me to use Tik Tok and scroll through Tik Tok well you know the platform is interesting just from my own observations and I have no actual proof of this this but my own observations shows that when you use Tik Tok scrolling through Tik Tok you you will get more likes on your post which is crazy but the platform I think wants to encourage you to use it they want you to get on there so the more that you use it the more that your stuff gets exposure as well so that’s just from my that my own experience I don’t know if that’s necessarily a fact you know you definitely can try that out yourself but no matter what any way you slice it you need to get on there you need to take advantage of it now because we don’t know how long this is going to last for by this time next year Tik Tok could have totally saturated and become I mean it is pretty saturated there’s over a billion people using it but the the algorithm could could no longer be pushing you out the way it is right now so I think the clock is really ticking for the opportunity to take advantage of this as a small business owner small mediumsized business owner anybody who’s in a marketing position so if you’re not on Tik Tok if you’re not using Tik Tok this is your video and your reminder that you should really push yourself a little bit to get your videos on there and start building your Tik Tok account building your following getting your free exposure uh because that’s something you have to pay for anywhere else on the web and I was able to get 90,000 views on a video without paying for it so I think it’s pretty incredible a lot of new people uh have have seen my business and I’ve gotten some messages for people to get to help them with their businesses so uh it definitely works and I I’m a testament to that and hopefully you can start your journey uh of course this video is going to go on Tik Tok so if you’re on Tik Tok obviously you probably know this maybe you’re not a Creator though and maybe this is your encouragement to become a Creator and start putting videos up obviously I’m going to put this on a bunch of other networks so if you see this on a different network hop over to Tik Tok Try It Out start an account uh if you have accounts start getting in there and start using it and posting and then you got to scroll too you got to use a Tik Tok that’s what they want you to do so this is joei with Sky Point Studios I am a web developer and I could definitely help you out if you need help with web design but thank you as always for watching my videos and I’d love to see you on the next one see you soon.

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