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I had a 93 year old author contact me today about building him a website!


In marketing there is a term called ICP which is ideal customer profile and it is usually encouraged by marketing firms or marketing people to make sure that you have your ICP or the exact ideal demographics of the type of person that would do business with you really fill that out and hone that in and Target your marketing and I think that’s all good and fine for certain uh instances but today I want to talk about how you mainly don’t want to hone yourself into a box and in marketing it’s not always about how you fit in in marketing often times how you don’t fit in and how you stand out that really moves a needle in marketing so I want to talk give share a little story about a gentleman who called my business today who is 93 years old he’s an author and he wanted to publish uh he’s publishing a book he wants to have a website where he can sell his book and this gentleman at 93 years old is hiring me to build his website hiring our agency and that just goes to show that you never know exactly the age of someone who could come in and do business with you and I think that goes for a lot of different businesses and and when you limit yourself you sometimes you alienate certain parts of the demographics and it could be smart like even if you’re selling makeup you know you think oh it’s all Fe it’s all female demographic well you never know maybe you put a whole mail section for people that want to buy gifts you know people you know some men do want to put on makeup you know that’s in this day and it’s not a big deal and and that’s something you should still Market to and you shouldn’t exclude a whole demographic age wise you know male female whatever you don’t want to exclude a whole demographic just based on what you think is your ideal customer now when it comes to running like Facebook ads or Google ads yes you do need to set an ideal customer that way you’re going to get the maximum spend for your money and you should know who that ICP is but I’m talking about in your overall philosophy your business you don’t want to exclude anybody because you know I never thought a 93y old person would be hiring me to build a website but look at it and this person’s pretty Rel relatively actually pretty Savvy in the sense that they answered their emails that he liked the estimate he’s like let’s go ahead and do it I was surprised by that and and then at the other end of the spectrum I have a client who’s like 17 18 years old has his own detailing company does a really good job is quite successful he’s really good at running Facebook ads but he I had I he detailed my car several times did a really great job and I told him about my business he wanted me to build him a website so I built him a website and so at one end of the spectrum we have a 17 or 18yar old the other end of the spectrum I have a 93y old so if I just said oh I my customers are only 30 to to 55 years old that’s it well that’s not necessarily true is the majority of my customers in that age range yes but I’m not going to shoehorn myself in and say that a 93-year-old wouldn’t hire me because obviously as today in the example in the author that gentleman he he was very ready to do it and he wanted to have a website he knew the value of the website I didn’t explain it to him so it’s not necessarily generational you know don’t try to box your product or your service into a generational into male female into age into categories you know try to expand your marketing and think outside the box and that’s how you can really be successful in your business and I wanted to share that point today my name is Chael with Sky Point Studios I run a web design marketing agency and I’d love to help you with your website i’ love to blow up your business this year so definitely get a hold of me comment down below tell me what your ICP and how you can think outside the box of what your ICP actually is I’d love to hear it thank you so much as always for watching my videos and I catch you on the next one.

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