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How to Send Screenshot to Chat Support


Have you ever been on support chat with a company or talking to someone online and you need to show them a screenshot of the issue that you’re facing but the problem is that the support chat doesn’t have any way to upload images this happens a lot with different support chats now some do have the way to attach an image but that’s more rare than the ones that don’t have any way to share an image so this is how you share an image with someone over chat with support of a screenshot when they don’t offer you the ability to upload it so what you want to do is take your screenshot of whatever the issue is have it ready on your desktop and go to image so IMG imgbb docomo images to the web and just gives you a link to share it you’re going to click the big blue button that says start uploading it’s going to open up a window to choose where the image is located at so if it’s on your desktop you just select the image click upload in there it’s going to upload it it’s going to give you a landing page with a link you just copy the link and then you paste that into your chat box and and send it to them and they can now click on that link and they can view the image that you’re talking about so this is super helpful because screenshots tell so much a better story than we can ever write in words and sometimes with chat support they just they don’t want to really help you unless you can visually show them exactly what the issue is um and you just go around and around and around and so I love using this because being able to visually tell story tell is so important when you’re trying to get support for something and the chat support is sometimes the only way you can get support these days like on Google Google got rid of their phone calls and things like that so it’s pretty annoying the only way to get chat is to go through or get support I should say is to go through chat so here’s a quick way on how to get images into a chat just go to imgbb domcom upload the image and you’ll get your little link and you can send it to chat and they can check it out one little tip that I would share someone else uh in one of my Tik Tok videos had complained about K clicking on some of the links on some of these sites so like imgbb docomo images to the web of course they rely on adver iing don’t click any of the ads be very very careful where you click on these websites cuz who knows what these ads are about or what what they might do to your your computer you just want to be very careful you’re just going to click on just the start uploading button don’t click any of the ads sometimes the ads are targeted to what you’re doing on the website and try to confuse you or make you think oh I need to click here to get started or whatever like don’t do that just be very careful where you click on the websites when you go to these free use websites to be able to do something they’re relying on ad Revenue in order to offer you a free support of a product like that so just be very wared that you’re not going to click on an ad and and you’ll be fine so if you need any more help with this subject about uploading images to the web that’s my expertise as a web developer I’m always adding images to the web it’s something I do all day day in day out if you need help with your website definitely contact me joe with sky point Studios and I would love to help you out thanks so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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