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How Many Pages Should Your Website Have?


How many pages should you have on your website well that’s a great question it just depends on what you’re trying to do with your website now most websites that are just informational based that aren’t trying to perform or do SEO which is search engine optimization they’re not really trying to compete they’re maybe they’re not in a very competitive market or it’s just kind of a hobby or craft or for you know your church or for your group for your reading group or something like that doesn’t really matter that much they’re just going to need like a homepage maybe an about page you know a little bit list of different things that doing maybe the events contact page you know maybe four five six pages maybe up to 10 pages that’s kind of an average website for nonperformance now let’s discuss performance-based websites so let’s say you’re in a competitive industry and you want your website to rank at the top where people can find you then how many pages does your website need well this is the golden question that so many people don’t understand about SEO and about search optimization for Google search engines is that Google wants lots of pages they don’t want very shallow websites shallow meaning not very much content shallow meaning not very many pages shallow meaning not very many links between the pages or links from other websites to your website those four things I just mentioned those all need to be super deep meaning you have a lot of it going on and I’m going to give you example so my company is called skypoint Studios if you go to Google right now and you put in web design Billings those three words in the search engine in Google what website do you see at the top of that search engine you see skypoint Studios my company that website there I’m going to give you some examples of how many pages that website has so first of all the amount of just Pages it’s first of all it’s built on WordPress and the amount of pages that it has are 67 pages so it has 67 Pages it has 375 blog posts so that’s a lot of blog posts we have over 11 almost 11 years of blogging on there and then on those blog posts there’s 581 tags and 108 categories which the total is 1,126 total Pages cuz every single tag in every single category makes a page a landing page so we have over a, like over 1100 pages on our website and that’s why we’re number one we’re a massive website and when you talk about WordPress versus a Squarespace or a Wix or a GoDaddy Builder any any other platform out there that quote is an easy website platform the issue you have is it’s not built for blogging meaning it doesn’t have a blogging system like WordPress it doesn’t have categories doesn’t have tags and so if we were to just if I was to move this website if I was to was to work on Squarespace cuz I didn’t know coding I never went to school to code and I was just a graphic designer I’m like oh I do graphic design so I’m going to offer web design like some of these but I’m going all do it all on Squarespace it’s not a big deal it’s not doesn’t really matter that much and then all my clients are wondering well how come I never can find my website well it’s because it was built on Squarespace it wasn’t done right and the reason is if I had put my website on Squarespace I would have never had that many blog posts maybe I I did like 10 10 or 20 cuz it’s really hard to blog on there so I would never have 375 blog posts and even if I ever did get the 375 blog post we would have to subtract all the categories and all the tags and that’s minus 581 tags and 108 categories that’s 600 it’s like almost 700 pages that we would have to subtract by it not being WordPress and then people wonder why oh well it’s just Squarespace it’s just Wix you know they have a little area to do SEO nonsense those websites don’t work you’re wasting your money if you want to do a church group Squarespace sure no problem if you want to do a hobby thing for your fishing buddies that’s not performative sure go ahead and do a Wix if you need to rank your website and you need people to find you you have to have WordPress and this in this video I’m explaining exactly why it’s crucial and there’s so many mother more elements of why it’s crucial but this is one of the number one reasons why it is and so to go all the way back to the beginning of this video the first question I asked was how many pages should your website have and the answer is if you want to dominate the search engines you need to have a lot you need to have a lot of pages my my website has 1,126 pages and I dominate and you can go do the search right now and you can see how much it dominates and there’s a lot of resources on that website there’s a lot of pages a lot of things going on and so hopefully that answers your question you know if you’re curious about why why do certain websites work or if you’re about to be sold a Squarespace website or Wix website don’t do it you know you’re going to waste your money on that it’s it’s a terrible idea those websites do not perform and definitely reach out to a professional who can do WordPress or do custom websites that is going to save your business a lot because the amount of phone calls and amount of leads that you get off of a WordPress website that optimizes really well is so much higher throughout the year that it absolutely justifies any cost involved and absolutely wasting your money with platforms that don’t perform so this is Jo with Sky Point Studios hopefully this has been helpful if you have questions about this I know there could be some question when you’re watching this this is there’s a lot in this video and there’s a lot to it I would love to help you uh with your business or answer your questions definitely comment down below and I can certainly answer any questions you have or help you out thank you so much as always for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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