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How Long Does it Take to ROI the Time and Effort it Takes to Make Videos/Content for your Business?


How long does it take to see a return on your investment of your time when you’re making videos video content for your business well the short answer is it takes a really long time and it may never actually occur and that’s something you have to be okay with when you’re making videos for your business so part of it is you’re basically just making uh some type of an activity that goes onto the web to show Google that you’re an active business so that’s basically your return on your investment that you can guarantee you can guarantee that when you make videos for the web that Google will take notice of it will give you more love in the search and results and that is always a value no matter what so you’re definitely going to get that you can guarantee yourself that you’re going to get that but we’re the purpose of this video is to talk about what’s return on investment as far as making more revenue for your business and I would assume that’s what most people want to do when they start making videos about you know about their business making video content like what I’m making right now so this video I want to talk about my journey and what the ROI is and I’m making this video because I had two customers today one in the morning and one this afternoon both mentioned that they saw my videos and they really enjoyed my videos and that’s part of the reason they reached out to me and part of the reason they decided to hire me um so that’s pretty decent Roi now starting to come into the business but I’ve been at this a long time we’re we’re going on about three years now I’ve done over 400 videos um it’s a lot of content my videos are about 3 to four minutes so if you do the math it’s like hours of content that I’ve created about all kinds of crazy subjects all kinds of different things I’ve talked about some of them are super dialed into specific points some of them are more philosophical um some of them are about business um well most of are about business but I just wanted to give some encouragement to any anyone who’s out there who’s watching this who’s thinking about starting to make videos for their business maybe thinking about hopping on Tik Tok uh I definitely highly encourage you to hop on Tik Tok this video is going to go on Tik Tok and you know it’s it’s the way that people are consuming information nowadays they they don’t necess want to read that much they want to have somebody tell it to them they want to have things explained to them and so that’s where videos really come into to play and I highly encourage you to document your process but just know you might need to do 400 videos like me before c people start to mention it to you um but it’s really gratifying because after all this hard work and after I’ve been making videos every single year I mean it was just last January when I made that video about how to do the the video a day yearly Challenge and I pretty much almost made it through that of posting a video every single day for the whole year you know I I came a little bit short of that but still managed to create quite a bit of content um and and I highly encourage you to do that challenge too it’s not too late you know we’re just the beginning of the year so you definitely can start to make a video a day and I just do them throughout the week so five five per week I do uh Monday through Friday if you can do that challenge I highly encourage it if you can do one per week that’s going to be awesome if you can do one per month that’s going to be awesome um so this video is about encouraging you to do that and when you get to the point where you have 400 videos online you know uh hopefully like what I’ve been uh you know what’s been happening for my business hopefully you start to hear people telling you I saw you in your in this video you know and this specific video was helpful and I found you know either I searched for you or I saw you here um and so that’s really gratifying after all the hard work that’s been put in and the documentation of everything you’ve done in your business so um this is Joe with skypoint Studios I I do I’m run a web design agency I love to help people with their website their WordPress their woocommerce setup their eCommerce online marketing SEO mobile applications these are all the things I love to do I’m passionate about and what make content about and I certainly can help you with your business help it grow and help it solve those problems that could be just frustrating for you um and I’ll continue to make content and I hope you continue to make content or get started making content so thank you so much as always for watching my videos like I always say and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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