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How do you Know if a SEO Company is Any Good at What They do?


By now if you own a business you’ve probably heard of SEO or search engine optimization basically the process of getting your business to show up when customers are looking for them for your business you know categories basically you know they’re like oh there’s this I need an attorney near me or I need a landscaper near me I need a realtor near me you know I need a web developer near me you know these are all things that customers do on Google or Bing pretty consistently all the time they might dictate into their phone they might search it in the Google search bar they’re looking for a service near them they have a problem they need to solve so SEO is the process of getting your business to show up when customers are looking and it moves the needle when it comes to sales it’s a big big deal it’s a big factor so I want to make this video how can you tell whether a company who sells SEO is any good at what they do and whether they’re reputable and whether you should trust them to do your SEO for for your business well often times they’re going to either you know show you some technical reports of things that they’ve done and like if you don’t know if you’re not an SEO person you don’t know how to read those technical reports you reports you don’t know if they’re just made up because you could generate you could use Photoshop and you could generate any type of reports necessarily doesn’t prove anything they could tell you oh I helped this customer go from here to here now look at look at how high they’re ranking but do you know whether they were the actually the ones who helped that customer move there’s no way to prove that I mean somebody some other company could have done it could have been other factors it could have been the company themselves it might not been them you don’t really know that there’s only one way to tell if an SEO company actually knows how to do SEO and it’s this question this is what you ask them you say have you any current number one listings in any markets for your business the SEO company ask them are they number one for anything you know SEO this the name of their City web design the number of their City the name of their city do they rank number one in any Market that they represent that is a question you should be asking because you can go and you can verify you can you can go like you’re on the phone with this person they’re trying to sell you an SEO service you ask them that question you can go together to Google and you can type in the the keywords and the location and you can see on Google does that name of that company come up if it doesn’t come up you know they’re full of crap if it comes up that company knows what they’re doing for SEO if it’s a competitive term if it’s web design in a particular City and their their website shows up in the top positions you know it could be like two three even if it’s like if it’s at one you know that’s a huge deal that’s a sign that’s an endorsement that you can actually verify yourself without having to know anything about SEO at all you don’t need know any of the technicals you can go verify that a company knows what they’re doing for SEO if they have number one listings in any competitive market for themselves that means they use their own services for themselves so that’s the way you do it don’t listen to any of the technical oh they got all these reports oh they’ve done it for a bunch of customers oh they’ve been in this they’ve done that none of that is verifiable the only thing that’s truly provable and verifiable for you as the customer someone who doesn’t know SEO because it’s a very technical space SEO is very technical it’s like going to get your car worked on by a mechanic if you don’t know anything about how an engine works you know how do you know whether they do a good job or not you know like I’m not going to get into the details of how you figure that out but that’s basically how SEO is is like how do you know whether they actually good at what they do so this is the litmus test this is what you must do is ask them that question go verify it yourself if you see they have a number one listing and any type of competitive market that company knows what they’re doing I mean they couldn’t get to that spot if they didn’t use their own sauce you know if they didn’t use their own recipe to get there you know so they know what they’re doing so this is jophiel with sky Point Studios hopefully that is a insightful helpful tip for you when you’re hiring an SEO company um and I wouldn’t hire anybody who doesn’t have any number one listings because they don’t they don’t know what they’re doing and I mean maybe they do maybe they don’t but like that’s the thing is like you know can you trust the SEO company can you trust the mechanic it’s the same question and we all want to find a mechanic or an SEO person that that you can trust so hopefully I can be that person for you if you are needing an SEO person or a web developer that’s what I do specializing in it for over 15 years would love to help you out thank you so much as always for watching my videos and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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