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Here’s Why Brand Consistency Creates Brand Equity


Professional graphic design is so important for a business the success and the rate that you get new customers is going to be directly tied into your marketing pieces when they’re professionally designed and Well Done uh I just received a letter in the mail today from a business I just redid their website they really needed help so he just sent me some of their marketing materials and when I looked at the marketing materials like the flyer and stuff like that it’s so it’s so bad that like I I can’t imagine anyone want to see that and like want to hire off of that material now they might hire him for other reasons you know the business has been around a long time they have an actual storefront you know things like that there’s good reasons to hire this business but that doesn’t come across at all in their marketing material I mean it looks like this business was just started in somebody’s garage yesterday um you know they it it’s bad and it’s it looks like it’s was put together on like a copier you know like like laid pictures laid out on a copier and it copied and like made a bunch of copies of that um like just don’t do that it was better off to not have anything at all than to try and go into your computer go to Microsoft Paint or whatever and try to design something yourself and print that on your computer or printer at your office that is just it’s not good it’s not a good look for your business and it doesn’t cost that much to have a professional graphic designer put together pamphlets Flyers posters business cards all the collateral that your business is going to need that setup is not a big cost and it’s absolutely necessary for the success of your business if you’re going to be putting those materials out there now you know I’m not saying that you should be doing mailings these days or doing door hangers I’m not saying that you should be doing those things like those have a really good return like they used to in the past but if you are going to be doing those things make sure that you spend the money on the graphic design first because you’re just making your business you’re just ruining your business brand you’re Imaging and then the whole the whole any energy and effort and money that you spent sending out those first mailing pieces are never going to connect after you get the graphic designer because once you get the graphic designer the brand is not going to match at all nobody’s going to connect those two Brands together because they look in totally different worlds there’s no connection once ever so you’re completely you’re not building a brand recognition and that’s what a business needs to build it needs to build equity over time and so that’s why your pieces need to be consistent your business card your pamphlet your door hanger your Flyers your website your social media sites they all need to be consistent with the same Clear logo same branding same messaging same design style and when they all match together it builds your brand Equity your brand you know so people can recognize you and they go oh that’s who that is that’s that business I know them and it you know in marketing there’s a very famous saying about how you need seven touches before somebody’s ready to convert and become a customer so those seven touches are all part of your brand journey and you need to have your collateral pieces up to the proper Mark they need to be professional I mean we are in business right now this is not you know some high school project and even like if this this marketing material I receiv received today if if it was turned in as a high school project it would get like a d and possibly even an F if it doesn’t pass high school as far as like an art project or something like that it’s not good so how could you possibly think that’s going to get you customers in a professional business setting where you in a competitive business against other professional businesses when it can’t even pass a high school art class uh so this is a PSA to to contact a graphic designer make sure that your business is all tight when it comes to all your Cloud materials and all of your website and everything digital matches that so both sides digital and print are all properly aligned and very very professional it’s pays huge dividends this is Jo with Sky Point Studios your web developer of choice and I would love to help you out definitely stick around for more tips just like this one and I’ll catch you on the next video.

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