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Here’s my 3 Part Process for Making Videos for my Business


I want to make a video in regards to how to make a video for those who uh are thinking about making videos this year for their business I think it’s a really good idea to be able to show a little bit about your personality and what you like to do and maybe show off those different things I’m going to give a kind of an instructor about how I make my videos kind of the formatting that I use for my style of videos and you may want to do something different but mine are more you know obviously I’m just talking to the camera and I’m giving some information about something so I’m going to uh kind of share my recipe of how I do it so I first the first thing I do is I come up with a concept uh that I’d like to talk about and often times I get these from my customers with solving different problems that they have they may be ask me different questions and we solve those problems I think there’s probably a bunch of other people that have that same problem so let me make a video about it so I keep a little notepad with just video ideas and I write down the video ideas and I keep track of those and I cross them off as I knock them out and that’s a good way to do it because for me I forget about I’ll have a good idea but I’ll forget about it if I don’t write them down so try to keep track of them but once I have a good video idea like in this case I want to make one about how I make videos uh then I’m ready to create create the video so I put together I have lights I have stands I have everything I kind of need to make the video and I get it going and what I like to do is start off with you know the value proposition so and like just like I’m doing in this video I’m telling you about how I make videos I’m telling you the specifics exactly how I do it so that’s like the meat of the content so that’s like the value proposition I’m offering you as the viewer who’s watching this right now is you’re hopefully gaining some information about how to make these types of vide videos so that’s the piece that you’re offering is like you’re giving some value ad you’re you’re informing you’re explaining you’re giving away you know Insider information about your particular business and how you do things that would be interesting to other people and hopefully uh you can try to make uh the video geared towards things that are interesting that people would want to watch and that can help people so that’s the first part is the to the basically the hook or the reason why someone would even want to watch the video in the first place and then I like to go into the part where it’s for lack of a better word I call it like the commercial basically so I explain who I am and what I do and how I can help people so especially if I’m doing a video about our core services so if it’s about web design or if it’s about SEO or about app creation those are our main services at the end of it I’ll be like so my name is joeel syron with Sky Point Studios I’m a I run a web design agency we certainly can help you with your website and your presence online and make your business blow up uh get you a lot more exposure that’s what we do what we specialize in and if you’re interested in that comment down below so I always give them a Comm she’ll pitch like that and then I tell them how to take action I want you to call me at this particular number I want you to comment down below I want you to email me here you know message me on Facebook or Instagram so like those are all calls to action so you’re going to talk about like a commercial who you are what you do and what you specialize in and then how they should get a hold of you what to do next and then the final part of a video that I like to do is what I call the sign off so it’s like a basically a signature that you that hooks it’s it’s part of like pavlovian programming where every single time that you watch one of my videos there’s like a hook sign off basically at the end so that’s kind of my signature of how I sign my videos so uh in in my case what I like to do is you know as I always say thank you so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one so that’s basically my sign off now some people like to do this in the beginning I don’t really like that there’s somebody here in Las Vegas who likes to go hello hello hello I’m the poly Z blah blah and like I I don’t really like his Cadence and I will particularly not watch his videos because of that so so I don’t necessarily me personally don’t recommend doing a signature or sign on in the beginning of your video cuz it gets it’s really annoying you keep hearing that H like it’s it’s just really repetitive so I like to put the signature at the end um and so that’s how I sign off my video so if you do meet the the hook of what’s the value the commercial and then the sign off that’s the three parts that I like to do for my videos for my recipe and it may work for you may not you could definitely I encourage you to do videos where you’re showing people what you do and showing your product your process those are super valuable but if you just want to talk to the camera like what I’m doing right now this is how I come up with my videos and how I execute them and this recipe may work for you as well hopefully it does hopefully you get some value if you do definitely comment down below follow me uh for more videos just like this and as like I always say on all my videos my sign off my signature thank you so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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