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Here’s How to Get Sales Tax Set Up in WordPress WooCommerce


Let’s talk about taxes for online sales for e-commerce stores so I get this question a lot um a lot of people are confused about how this works so taxes when you have an online e-commerce store you need to pay taxes on the sales in the state that you’re operating from so it’s the same thing is you know if a visitor comes to your state and they purchase from you in store they’re going to pay the sales rate tax of that state um depending on which state it is and that’s the same thing that happens with an e-commerce store so if you’re operating on a specific State like today I was working with a customer who has an operation down to Utah so for Utah they need to charge their ta sales tax for that state so 6.1% needs to be applied to all purchases it doesn’t matter if someone’s buying from New York or purchasing from LA or anywhere that P or inside the state it doesn’t matter they’re all going to pay that same 6.1% ta sales tax as if they’re in person purchasing from the person and then that company needs to then send that off as their sales tax to the government so in order to initiate this in woocommerce on WordPress this is how you go about it so in the back end of your WordPress website you’re going to want to go to WordPress settings so go to the settings of WordPress and one of the options across the tabs there is tax so we click on tax scroll down there’s going to be a ma kind of a a a a secondary menu and in that secondary menu is tax options standard rates and then reduce rates and zero rates we want to go to standard rates so if you click on standard rates it’s going to open up an option window that you can set so it’s going to ask you do you want to set a specific country code so you can set certain taxes and if you leave it blank it’s just going to apply that to everything so in this in this example we’re not going to set different tax rates we just want one tax rate for the state of Utah in this example so basically you leave the first block for Country uh as blank so it’s going to apply to everything leave the second one for State blank that’s going to apply to everything leave the post uh the zip and the post leave those as blanks that’s going to apply to all the zip codes doesn’t matter where they’re at the city you can also leave that blank it’s going to apply to all cities and then when we get to rate this is where we put in the 6.1 so you’re going to put in the rate for the state that you’re in so if you’re you have 7% if you have a 0% whatever state you’re in them whatever the sales tax you’re going to put that percentage in and then you’re going to hit save and that’s going to apply taxes to all the products and all sales no matter where someone’s coming at so that’s how you do sales tax for online e-commerce I know there’s a lot of confusion around this uh but basically you just need to do it for the state that you’re operating in because we’re acting as if the customer is coming to our store in that state so if they travel from if they’re from a state where there’s no sales tax but they’re purchasing from your e-commerce store they do need to pay sales tax because they’re basically like traveling to your State digitally and purchasing from your store that operates in that particular state in this case it was Utah they need to pay the 6.1% doesn’t matter if they’re coming from Montana where it has zero sales tax if they’re shopping off of your store that’s located in Utah and buying something they’re going to pay a 6.1% sales tax on that so that’s how that works if you have any more questions about uh getting woocommerce set up for your business you know about how the taxes the shipping the processing multivariable orders woocommerce can get very very complicated extremely complicated has a lot of systems that have to work together and it require someone who really knows what they’re doing to make sure that the woocommerce operates properly and your e-commerce works properly we’re experts in woocommerce I can definitely help you out uh if definitely reach out to me if you like to go over your e-commerce store make sure everything’s working properly I would love to help you out Joe with Sky Point Studios thank you so much as always for watching my videos and I’m going catch you on the next one.

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