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Here’s a quick way to tell if an article was written by ChatGPT


Obviously chat gbt and AI are taking over and everybody’s using them these days right well this video is really quick is going to show you how to glance at a document that someone has sent or written somewhere maybe they sent it to you in an email or they’re putting it online somewhere you’re reading their blog and how to tell just really right off the bat really quickly by a couple telltale signs of whether this was written by chat gbt or not and now this is not like a guarantee that you know it’s chat gbt but here’s some of the telltale signs so for whatever reason chat TPT loves to write with titles and then blocks of paragraphs so it I don’t know why it does this but for some reason like if you just ask it to write an article about anything like what’s the most popular dog breeds in America like you ask them to write anything it’s going to say it’s going to start to oh Husky and then it’ll have a little paragraph about Husky and then like Pitbull and it’ll have a little paragraph about Pitbull it loves to do titles and then a paragraph title and then paragraph title paragraph all the way down the whole thing it will do like like introduction and then conclusion and most people don’t write in that style so like how often before AI came out how often did you ever see anybody write introduction on their the beginning of their blog post and then conclusion at the bottom with a bunch of titles and paragraphs all sub through there some people write in that style but not very many people write in that style it’s a pretty odd style and for some reason chbt just cannot get itself away from this type of style uh so it was like programmed and and like you could try to kind of get it to by telling commands like do not put lists do not it still will put those lists it loves lists so that’s just a quick tail tell the reason I made this video is that I had a doctor one of my clients is a doctor who has a practice that sent me a blog post to post on their website because we we maintain those regularly and I was just going through the blog post and I was just highlighting the titles uh I was I was like I wonder if the doctor used chat P to write this I mean that’d be kind of weird but then I was like I I was starting to separate the titles that were like stuck into the paragraph and I was like there’s like a little title with a colon and then there’s a and I was like separating them out and I was like by the time I had counted like five of them that I had separated and I was like oh wow this whole thing is all nothing but uh title paragraph title paragraph title paragraph down the whole thing I was like yeah this this thing’s chat PT I’m almost 99% sure this is chat GPT so even the doctors are using it everybody’s writing everything with chat GPT these days so that’s just a quick way uh if you see an article you be like uh you know this is probably probably this is this has some some of the kind of the smoking guns that this is probably written by AI so anyways I thought I’d make a quick video about it uh and my name is joe with Sky Point Studios I’m a web developer love to talk about technology and and marketing online and all the different fun things uh or geeky things or annoying things about marketing your business online so stay tuned for more of that and thank you so much for watching my videos as always and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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