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Here’s a Cool Way to Squeeze Some Free Advertising Out of Facebook!


You know there’s a cool way to use Facebook to promote your business that’s free to use that you should be thinking about doing daily there’s a daily limit on this I’m going to show you this technique it’s pretty neat you may be doing this already but you may not be aware of this so you can switch Facebook to use as your business if you have a business page that’s probably something you’re aware of so in order to do this we’re going to switch into our Facebook business page so we’re going to be using Facebook as our business now we actually have a Facebook experience where we can kind of control and interact with different things so what we want to do is we want to make sure that we’re interacting and following liking local businesses or connections that we work with so if it’s if you’re a B2B business you want to find local businesses or types of businesses that you work with if you’re a retail customer you want to find people in your local area that are kind of uh you know prominent or influencer you know local influencers or you know you want to find your Target demographic and you want to go follow and like them so that you’re getting their content through your feed that’s the first step so once you have a nice feed of content of local businesses what you want to do is go in Daily if you can and go through and like go down go down your timeline of your business and you’re going to go and you’re just going to like every single post that’s in that timeline now you could also comment on them if it’s applicable but we need to at least like them and I want you to go through the scroll you’re going to hit maybe about 20 or 30 or 40 before a message that’s going to pop up and it says that youve you can no longer post anymore it says you reached the limit of how many times will let you do this type of activity and that’s when you’re done so that’s your daily limit and it’s somewhere between 20 to 40 different posts you can like before Facebook says that’s enough you know they’re going to cut you off but that’s daily that’s every single day you can do this and what that does is it supports your local businesses or your local people gives them some acknowledgement you know encourages them about their content but it also puts your business on that post so in case anybody else sees it and a little bonus is if you see a post that doesn’t have any other likes on it you know say it’s a local auto dealership for example and you know my company’s called skypoint Studios if I go and like that post now it says skypoint Studios on that so when when that auto dealership Scrolls through other people’s timelines and there may be say 500 or a thousand or even 10,000 people that like that page some of those people are going to see that content scrolling through there depending on how much they’ve interacted with that page before and they’re going to see my business name on there and that’s just another touch a free advertising touch that puts them in the brain they go oh Sky Point Studios now it’s it’s this is very subconscious it’s not not NE necessarily they’re going to oh I want to call them all of a sudden you know that that may happen probably not it’s just building your recognition in the market because when someone does finally go look for a web design agency locally and they see me at the top of the pack to see Sky point oh I’ve seen them before I don’t know where I saw them before but they they’re all over the place um and so that’s why I encourage getting on Facebook switching it to as your business and going through and liking all the posts down your timeline until it gives you the warning and you can do this every single day so think about it you’re getting 20 to 40 new uh pushes out there of advertisements every single day for free on Facebook if you’re doing this technique takes you 5 minutes of your time from your day so I would encourage doing that uh definitely would love to hear about some other Facebook tips that you’re doing uh and if this technique works for you and if you’re encouraging uh your people on your team your social media managers to do this in engagement I think you should thank you so much for watching this is joe with Sky Point Studios and I’ll catch you on the next video.

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