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Here’s a Clever SEO Technique!


Want to know a really great idea for doing SEO for your business I was on a sales call recently and I shared this idea with a phone company they sell phones to people is to take photos with the customers with their brand new phone model and label the photo with the name of the person first and last name if they give you permission and then the the phone model with the specifics of the phone model so the manufacturer the phone model the numbers that go with it and then the location of the city that you’re in in that at the end of it so all three pieces the name of the customer the name of the product in this case it was a phone it could be any product and the City location that’s in that’s going to be on the name of the photo so like when you pull the you take a photo with your phone or whatever with a camera it’s going to have some letters and numbers or whatever on it you want to update that to exactly what I said the the name of the customer the name of the product and the name of the city in the name of the photo so that’s first first the name of the person then the product name then the city name and going to go through and you’re going to do that for all the customers let’s say you get 10 new customers you sell 10 new devices you’re going to have a gallery happy customer gallery or gallery of clients or something like that on your on your website and you’re going to label all these and you’re going to upload them into the gallery so everybody can see it and then on the alt tags you got to go through and you got to add the name the the copy the same file name and put that on the alt tags of all the images so both the image name and the alt tag match and that’s going to create incredible SEO because gole Google is going to index the name of the person the city and the phone device and that anytime anybody looks up their name or looks up the phone device it looks up in that City it’s going to pull up your particular company people can find all the the Galaxy Android phones the specific ones the new iPhone that came out and the customer name and I explained this concept to them on the sales call they thought it was a brilliant idea so I want to put together a video and share this idea with you you can do this in any industry specifically when you’re selling specific models that people would Google search it could work really great for auto dealerships you know for phone manufacturers I already mentioned that anything that has popular models of devices now if you’re creating custom things that people you know it will still work but it’s not as popular and not going to work as well as popular devices so like the name of a computer the name of a phone the name of a car the name of specific clothing uh anything that people would Google search near them when you tag those photos with the name of the person and the name of the device and the name of the city that really helps Drive the traffic to your website and indexes it so people are looking at they want to look at the photos what’s the the newest car look like well that’s going to pull up your website you know uh someone’s Google searching you know their ex girlfriend or whatever their name of that and that she was a customer she’s giving you permission to use their name it’s basically the same as a testimonial oh wow you know Sally got a new car I was like this all drives traffic to your website and when we drive sale traffic to our website it also D drives sales drives our SEO helps the whole engine of the website and all it took you was like 10 minutes to take some photos of your customers write down the right possible proper names on the images and upload them to your website you can email them over to your developer or you can just update it yourself so that is a really great strategy for building your SEO online and not that many people are talking about it or doing it this I’ve never really heard anybody else talk about doing that um and so I wanted to share that with you and my viewer thank you so much for watching my videos this is Jophiel with Sky Point Studios I specialize in SEO and I come up with all kinds of unique ideas like this to be able to to make your business pop online so stick around for more videos just like this one and thank you so much as always for watching my videos I’ll catch you in the next one.

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