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Here’s 5 Quick Ways to Check Your Company’s SEO Value


In this video I’m going to show you five easy ways to check your company’s SEO or your search engine optimization for your website and for your business that you can just use you don’t need any real expertise you don’t need to know anything about SEO this is just a simple video showing you exactly how to check where your company’s standings are for your search engine optimization so I’m going to show you five different ways the first one and the most important one this is the one that actually really matters the most it’s going to and typing in the search bar the exact keywords that customers are going to find you this is the the lowest hanging fruit so we want the simplest phrase the path of least resistance customers always search with the path of least resistance so for my company it’s web design and then the city that we’re in so it’s web design Billings web design Vegas you know those are the markets that we serve so it’s going to be whatever the simplest one is if it’s a plumber you know electrician electrician Service Plumbing Service service plumber near me you know it’s going to be the the the least resistance think about yourself when you go to search uh for something what is the most common phrase you’ll search restaurants near me something very very simple that’s usually what customer search put that in the Google search bar search it you’re going to look to see where your company appears both in the map pack the map pack is like the top area with the listings on the map and if it’s in the top three it’s going to show if you need to click more you’re going to scroll down and scroll down until you see it where it’s at and then you’re going to count the positions from the top to where yours is at so it’s a number one number two number three number four number five oh we’re at number six you know you’re going to count those positions you’re going to make note of that that’s where your company currently is ranked on the map pack we’re going to do the exact same process for What’s called the organic listings this is where all the websites this starts below the map pack where all the websites are listed so there’s the first website second website third website you’re going to scroll down till you find your website and if your website’s in the top 10 you’re doing pretty decent you know obviously if you’re the top three you’re really killing it if you’re number one you’re absolutely dominating but if you can’t you’re scrolling and scrolling and scrolling you can’t find it Well you know we need to put down basically put down a zero for that for that element for what we’re what we’re checking you know you you have no SEO it’s not it’s not in the rankings at all you can’t find it customer is not going to scroll 100 Pages you know they may scroll 10 they may scroll 20 but they’re definitely not scrolling 100 to find something so that’s the first one second step we’re going to a lot of some you know some users still use Bing and it’s about 30% of web searches are done on Bing so you need to be there go to we’re going to put the exact same key phrases in that we just searched on Google we’re going to do a search for that we’re going to look at the map pack so one thing to note about the map pack on Bing is that the reviews come from Facebook so if you don’t have any Facebook reviews you know you’re going to you’re probably won’t be coming up in that map pack you need to get Facebook reviews in order to come up in that map pack if your Facebook reviews are turned off you’re not going to show any reviews there and you’re probably not going to get listed so that’s something to note then we’re going to look at the organic listings to see where our website’s at we’re going to mark that down so we’re going to have four scores now we have two from Google Map Pack and organic two from Bing we got the map pack and we got the organic so we’ve got four scores we marked down you could be ones in all of them you know like my company is number one in all of those you know or you could be number four number five number six you could be number 20 you could be non-existent on there and then that gives you an idea where you need to start working on your SEO so those two are the first those two are the most important uh next what we’re going to do is we’re going to take we’re going to do what’s called an index check so go to we’re going to go back to Google and we’re going to put our website URL or domain name in quotes quotations around our domain name so put quotes quote on one side of the domain quote on the other side of the domain and you’re going to search this is going to show you exactly how many times your website is indexed and we’re looking at the amounted numbers of listings boom it’s going to show you you know there’s 10 page results there’s a 100 page results there’s a thousand page results the more page results you have the better it is for your SEO because that’s more pages that are indexed on Google this is an easy way to check this of course there’s much more advanced people who are in SEO we use like Google search console to do this type of work but we’re not you know this is for the common person this is for the common business owner it doesn’t know SEO it’s a quick way for you to find out how many pages are indexed on Google so that’s number three number four we’re going to go to a site called ARS so ahrefs backlink Checker so you can just Google that A’s backlink Checker it’s going to have a big bar we’re going to paste our website link in there and we’re going to click search and find out how many backlinks we have so it’s going to give you a domain score domain score is going to be out 0 1 2 3 you know 40 whatever out of 100 and that’s basically like a rating scale like how good how strong is your domain so if you have like a one out of 100 it’s not very strong if you have like a 20 or a 40 or a 60 out of 100 it’s quite strong you’re doing quite well and then you’re going to see how many backlinks and how many direct linking sites the amount of backlinks is very very important so there could be a 100 backlinks 1,000 backlinks you know 10,000 backlinks you’ll know like how powerful your website is based on how many backlinks like my website for example has a 70 out of 100 has 9,600 backlinks um you know that’s that’s pretty strong score and you’ll know you can see the numbers and see you know if it’s pretty like you have a one out of 100 and you only have like 100 back links you know you’ve got some work to do that’s not that strong so that’s a good place to check for your backlinks cuz backlinks are a huge part of SEO and our final Place Final Destination out of our top five places to check your SEO online is to go to this is the web’s archive so it’s a r c i and we’re going to put it again we’re going to paste our website URL our domain in there and we’re going to search and we’re looking at the calendar to see how many times has our website been indexed by now this is just a good example of a way to look at how powerful the content on your website is because the more times that you’re updating your content and more powerful and more important your website is the more likely archive is going to send their spiders to crawl and index your website so this is just an this is kind of like a bonus uh round type of thing obviously the top the four things i’ mentioned before this are way more important but this is just a another way to look at well how well is my content getting indexed how much does AR pick up on my content and how many times are they indexing me so you’re going to look at the calendar for the year for the year of 2024 and you could see like oh April there’s one oh okay there’s February there is one okay January there is one and you can see oh if you’re getting about one per month that’s pretty good if you’re only getting one per year or less than one per year that’s not very good you’re not your content’s not getting updated enough so that’s a good way to tell whether your content’s fresh you know you’re really adding a lot of stuff to your website or it’s pretty stale like it’s archive could care less about your websites like oh they’re like oh they’re not really adding that much why should we archive them so that’s a good way to just check that so you can go through this list you can save this video you can go you know one through five and you can do all those checks and you’re going to know like how good your SEO is without having to ask an expert because experts are can be you know all over the place with way kinds of jargon and crazy stuff will send you crazy reports you can’t always trust all that stuff but when you do this check that I just gave you you can trust that because it’s real it’s on the web and you yourself can be empowered and informed on how good your SEO actually is before you reach out to an expert or maybe you have an expert doing work right now and you want to know how good it’s being done so uh hopefully this is helpful this is Jophiel with Sky Point Studios if you do need help with your SEO or you want to go through these checks together certainly reach out to me I’d love to help you out and uh I will catch you on the next video thanks so much for watching.

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