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Here’s 3 Good Reasons Why Using the Free Email Accounts That Come With Cpanel Hosting is a Bad Idea!


This video is about developers who use the builtin email functions on a cpanel Hosting account to give those to their clients and why I think that’s just a really bad idea and I’m going to cover some of the reasons why I think this is a bad idea in this video this is a technical video it’s not going to be for everybody but uh if you are someone who has an email through a company and they’re they have they gave you one of these cpanel emails um I’m kind of going to describe this to you a little bit so that you know whether you do or not you definitely want to think about the consequences of of using that and if you’re a developer who’s providing this to your clients maybe this is something you want to think about too because this so with cpanel cpanel is the most popular hosting solution out there and with it comes some free email accounts so you might think oh it’s great I we get free emails I can just hand these out to clients and either you include it in your hosting or you charge your clients a little bit but you’re not actually paying for it but so you think oh it’s a great option but it’s actually not and there’s several reasons why one of the number one reasons why is that the these are not secure emails meaning that anybody who gets access to your Hosting account can get access to your email you can get hacked really easily um there’s no security measures whatsoever to prevent someone from getting valuable data out of that email and there’s no insurance policy that backs up in case something goes wrong in case that there’s a data breach and the customer who’s using your email the email you know has a data breach and then they get in a big issue what’s going to happen is that there’s no insurance policy to go and back up their business so when I provide inste I like to do Google Gmail Pro business accounts so I can still do your name at you know info@ I can still set those type of business accounts up but they all run through Google servers very high security and they come with a $100,000 insurance policy so if your email is ever hacked and the data’s uh breached and you have some type of issue like that they’re going to spend $100,000 to rectify the issue and plug it all up you don’t get any of that with the free emails the round Cube The Horde emails the ones that come with C panel for free you don’t get any of that type of thing and so that’s number one number two is that it drags down the resources of the cpanel Hosting account so emails are very um intensive when there’s a lot of them going on so a lot of spam coming through like people have signed up for a ton of newsletters and things they get a bunch of emails they get hundreds of emails a day that wears down the server and makes your website slower so why do that and then the Third reason is and this is something I don’t think a lot of people think about maybe don’t even know about and this is going off into the into a very like technical area that probably not that many people know about but the IP address of your Hosting account sending and receiving all kinds of emails that you know spam comes in and spam can be flagged you know for like being considered malicious or coming from spammers or coming from Russia or coming from all these different countries coming from bad places so that stuff just comes into email accounts you like there’s nothing you can do about that right well that’s going to associate your IP address with all this nefarious activity that you don’t want your website attached to so think about it you’re hosting your website your email’s got all kinds of crazy stuff going on with it those two get married together on the IP address and then Google looks at it and thinks maybe it’s a little bit Shady it’s not as it’s not as legit to some other places and it can overall affect your SEO potentially now I know this is pretty far out there this is somewhat of a theory I obviously don’t have any proof from Google that this actually happens but there’s a reason to think about it it’s like do you really want your email account connected that closely with your website hosting and I don’t I don’t so for the three reasons I mentioned that’s why I have a third party I use Google I pay them for their Pro business email accounts I get the $100,000 for insurance for each one of the accounts I provide my client you know am I able to provide free email accounts to my customers no they have to pay for them cuz I I have to pay for them I have to pay Google for them so I don’t provide just a free email account with your hosting but there’s a good reason like the reason why I just explained this video why I don’t do that and I there’s I see other developers out there do it a lot and I I just was dealing with one um and that’s why I wanted to make this video and as an educational piece for anybody who’s running their email on it as a customer and any developers who are setting their customers up this way I think it’s a bad idea I think it should stop um and and don’t do it that way in my opinion and that’s definitely why so this Joe Sky Point Studios if you enjoy technical videos like this or you want to learn more about how to build your business on the web how to be successful with online marketing stay tuned because I have more videos just like this one and thank you so much as always for watching I’ll catch you on the next one.

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