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Having Issues Accessing a Web Page That You Know is up For Everyone Else but You?


Have you ever had an issue trying to access a website page that you know is up you’ve reached out to support and you tell them hey I’m trying to reach this page and it’s not working for me it’s giving me an error or it’s just not coming up properly or it’s got all information and you know that the website is up because you’ve talked to support and they say yeah it looks just fine well I had a recently had a client reach out to me who said they’re having an issue accessing the state workers comp page they reached out to the support and the support told them that everything is fine and they were just asking what can they do you know just for some advice uh because I’m a web developer I know about the web quite a bit and what I advise them to do is access the page from a VPN so you probably familiar with vpns they’re out there there’s a lot of advertising about them virtual private Network it’s a way to access the internet through a different browser area different tunnel so it basically sends you through a different part of the web and allows you to access that particular web page not through your browser not through your computer but through some someone else’s and that allows you to get past any type of cookie issues or any type of issues that are happening on your particular device that’s not allowing you to VI view the website how it actually is on the web for everybody else and so I sent her a link to download tunnel bear there’s a bunch of vpns but I like tunnel bear allows you to use it up to a gigabyte per month for free just Google search tunnel bear download free and it’ll go right to the page super easy to download it and then when you have it downloaded you install it you just have to launch the app and turn it on and will automatically do the rest it’ll just send you to a specific location once that’s all up and running you just load that website again that you’re having an issue with and it will load it exactly how everybody else sees it on the web without the cookies issues that you have now of course you could go through and try to delete your cookies and all that type of stuff you know that’s an that’s the old school way of trying to solve these issues it may that may resolve if you try to delete your cookies one of the problems with deleting your cookies is kind of a pain in the butt because you got to put a lot in there uh back in when you go to put in passwords and things like that stuff is missing um you no longer have those cookies in place so this is a way of dealing with that with the cookie type of issue or an access type of issue sometimes it’s inside your router because routers keep copies of websites that we visit so sometimes it’s router based where you’re having an access issue there’s just a lot of different ways that you can get access issues on the web and a vpm will help you resolve some of those uh to be able to get around it so that you’re accessing the web page from a whole different site somewhere far away like it could be if you’re on the west coast it could be on the East Coast you can even go to Mexico or Canada with tunnel bear and access it from there and see what somebody in Canada sees the website as and that allows you to get around those issues those access issues so if you’re having problems finding a getting a web page the load on the web from your particular device you know it’s up for everybody else try a VPN I like tunnel bear um that’s a really good one but there’s a bunch of vpns out there you can get for free or for relatively cheap um I don’t recommend running VPN all the time you know they try to say that that’s a great way to be have a better secure internet uh experience I don’t really recommend that I think you that’s not necessarily what I would advise but having a VPN on hand for when you need it for specific reasons is a good idea and I always do that uh with tunnel bear so this is Joe with Sky Point Studios hopefully this is been a helpful video topic definitely hit me up if you have any questions about accessing the web issues that you’re having I’d love to help you out and thank you so much for watching videos I’ll catch you on the next one.

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