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Have you Lost Your Facebook Page Due to your Profile Being Hacked?


Have you had your Facebook account hacked and you lost access to your business page well this has happened to a lot of people and I was just working with a client about this and so I decided I should make a video to talk about how you go about recovering your account and it is just a crazy experience it’s so hard to work with Facebook because just doesn’t seem like they ever get back to you or anything like that and it’s very very challenging so one of the main things that you need to do is you need to start the process of the recovery and there’s a specific page where you can go and you can explain it’s on their help Forum where you can explain exactly what happened it’s part of the recovery process and it’s a really long kind of gnarly link with a bunch of numbers in it I used a link shortener to make it shorter so you could go there it’s so bit. L SL recover FB for Facebook so FB page so recover FB page go to that link you can see that’s where you start the process to tell Google or tell Facebook what happened to your page that you had lost it now that’s the first step now that might not recover it totally one of the other things that we could do is we can email Facebook and I recommend doing this they have a support it’s support that’s their email account this is what you need to say you need to say I lost I got my page hacked I lost it because I was the only admin on it I do not have any other admin access you need to put a link to your profile the one that got hacked so go to Facebook try to find on your profile that was linked and find the link to your profile copy that link to your profile the one that was hacked and say this is the profile that got hacked it’s very important Facebook will not give you your page back unless they can prove that you actually did get hacked so you need to send them that link to your profile and then you say this is the page I no longer have access to we need the link to that page so I know this is confusing but there’s a profile that creates the page there’s two different links that we need in this email it’s crucial you have both those links and because you lost access you’re going to have to either go make a new Facebook account hopefully you already do or use somebody else’s Facebook account but you got to make it back to your profile and you got to make it back to the business page and you got to get those Links at the top because we have to include those both in our email to them so explain to them that your profile got hacked you no longer have access to the business page because you’re the only admin on it there’s no other admins to ask for to get recovery and so please reinstate the business and here’s the final thing you need to let them know is that you have the necessary documents to prove that you own the business the business license you know the insurance whatever it is that you can show that you prove that you own the business so that’s that’s an important part let them know that you’re going to send that email off to them you’re going to fill out that form at that link I shared with you you’re going to do both those actions okay and then if you do not hear from them within the next three four five days you’re going to repeat both those steps again and you’re going to repeat it again and again and again until you finally get through to them and this may happen for a while I’m not saying this is an easy process but if you ever want to see your profile or your page again you have to follow these steps it’s the only way to do it there’s no phone number do not call any phone numbers please I I beg you do not call any phone numbers you will get hacked these are nothing but hackers that run these phone numbers if you search online how to get your Facebook page back and you see a 1 1800 number do not call that number okay do not email anybody else it’s just that support it’s just that link that I Shar with you recover B page I just made that bitly it’s just me I just made it just to go to that link you can also Google search and go find that link but like I said it’s like contact forel and then a bunch string and numers so I just made it shortened with this bitly just for this video so anyways hopefully that helps you out it is an absolute freaking mess and I was just helping a client uh get through all this and these are the exact steps I shared with her so I wanted to make a video to help you out in case you’re in the same boat uh and hopefully you can get this resolved and get your pages back here soon joe with Sky Point Studios thank you so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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