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Have you Checked your Website Backlink Profile and Compared it to the Leaders in Your Market?


I want to talk about an SEO technique called link matching so link matching is this Advanced technique for that seos might use that I want to share with you that I think could help your business especially this where it really comes into play is when you’re in a race against other local businesses um or it could be National businesses but you’re very very close meaning that there’s like a number one a number two you’re maybe number three or number four or you’re in the top 10 so you can see the top players and you’re like oh I’m almost there what do I need to do to to make the difference I’m creating content I’ve got this you know like everything’s kind of firing but you’re wondering how do I make that how do I bridge the gap how do I make that difference and the answer is link matching so let me explain what link matching is so first of all we need to do is we need to get a baseline we need to find out what our website link profile is in order to do that we’re going to use this tool for both us and for our competitor so we’re going to go to Google and you’re going to search ARS which is a FS ARS backlink Checker so go put in A’s backlink Checker click on that first link it’s going to go there it’s going to show a big box where you put a URL it’s going to have an orange button to check the backlink profile need you to copy the link to your website paste it in that box and check the back links now what we’re looking for here is there’s three different elements there’s the score there’s the backlinks and then there’s linking websites so we want to look at all those they’re all pretty important but the most is the amount of linking websites that’s the most important so we want to see what is that number number it could be you know it could be 10 it could be 100 it could be a th000 it could be 10 whatever the number is we need to make note of that for our website first of all then we’re going to go and we’re going to find out we’re going to go take take that search that we’ve been doing in our local market take the number one L listing like the the website is the very top the one that we want to outrank them we want to link match them so we need to copy their website URL go back and paste it in that box and click check and find out how many backlinks does this leader in the market have now they may have we had 100 they have a th000 right or we have a th000 they have 10,000 right then we go oh that’s why they’re number one so the goal is to link match or exceed we want to be have at at least 10,000 if they have 10,000 or we have more we have 12,000 we need to link match the leader and that’s what’s going to move the needle if you want to take that number one position you’re doing everything else you got content going on you got you know all your profiles are filling out you’re doing social media you’re doing everything you got good reviews everything else is firing really well and you’re wondering how to move that needle to The Next Step you need a link match getting that many links can be very challenging so yeah you could ask like some of your friends and some business colleagues some networking buddies hey can you put a link on my on your from your website to mine but you know is that if we’re at a th we need to go to 10,000 is that going to give us 9,000 links no it’s not it’s going to give us a few links and it’s not going to move the needle that much so that this this is where you need an SEO company to come in that works with backlinks that creates backlinks so my company does backlinking for you I can certainly move the needle if you need a th000 or 10,000 or 100,000 links you know that’s something that can be done because we’re part of networks where we purchase that type of thing there’s places you can go on the web to buy these links I would just say a word of caution you know not all links are the same there’s definitely can be junky links you know one of the worst things that can happen is you buy links and you end up getting like links from like bad sites so malicious sites porn sites like these are bad things you don’t want links from those sites so you I would just be a word of caution make sure you know and trust the person you’re buying these links from um and you certainly can reach out to me I would I would gladly help you out we get very high quality good links for your backlink profile but that’s what needs to be done you need to link match the the leader in the and you won’t know you know where you’re at until you do this little test that I told you so if you want to you know pause the video go back to where I explain it step by step on what you need to do it’s pretty simple process I think anybody could do this if you just follow the video through find out where you’re at how what the deficit of how many links you need to get and then reach out and find a good link building service and start building those links if you want that number one position and we all want that number one position so this is Jo with Sky Studios hopefully this is helpful for you definitely reach out if you want me to help you build your backlink profile or like we could even hop on a zoom and I could do this test for you live like that would be really cool too if you want me to do that for you definitely uh comment down below and we can schedule something like that and get you going on your way to being number one thank you so much for watching I’ll catch you on the next video video.

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