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Have a Google My Business profile That’s been Suspended?


You had your business uh Google business profile suspended by Google this happens on occasion to some profiles for whatever reasons Google decides to suspend the profile and I’ve had to re resurrect a couple different profiles for for businesses that I represent and this this is kind of a frustrating process but I’m going to try to break it down in this video about how you go about restoring it what you should do what you should provide Google with in order to get the business profile back up and active so you can actually do things now this doesn’t necessar means that they take the profile offline but it doesn’t mean you can’t interact with the profile so you can’t respond to reviews you can’t add any or change any information you can’t update the profile in in any way so you’ve lost all control so this is how you get it back so first we want to navigate to our Google business profile so I usually go to like Google and put in Google my business search that and click on log in it’s going to require the specific Gmail account that you use to set up your Google my business profile so make sure you’re logged into that one and you see the name of the business so we want to go to the profile of the business so you’re going to click on it it’s going to launch the profile you’re going to see like the Map listing it’s going to give you somewhat of an admin view except it’s going to have a message box that says this profile has been suspended click here to reinstate it so click on that button and it’s going to drop you to a form and the form is pretty long and what you need to do is fill out the information like your name name of the business what relation you are to the business some of that stuff’s pretty easy one of the things that’s kind of tricky is you need to find the business profile ID so if we go back to the Map listing where we started there’s some different options there like read reviews and different things there’s three little dots to the right hand side click on that and click on business profile settings and then click on advanced settings and there will be your business profile ID you need to copy that go back to the form and paste it in there so now we going to scroll just fill out all the information describe why you think the business is you know it’s still active it’s still at that location it should not have been suspended and then the most important thing that you need to do the part that’s going to make or break whether this gets reinstated or not is you need to have the right documents uploaded so it’s going to going to ask for two types of documents typically so the first type of document you’re going to need a copy of the business license so you need an accurate business license from this year so from 2023 or 2024 2022 you need something recent you can’t have an old one so you need a copy of the business license uh or your documents that you filed with the state something that proves that you own the business second what you need to do is have a photo of something that shows the signage for the business now this part can be really tricky because it’s confusing cuz some businesses obviously have a location with signages but sometimes you’re in a business location like you’re in a business suite and you don’t necessarily have signage out in front of your location um you know there’s a lot of different reasons why you wouldn’t necess have signage to be able to take a photo of so here’s what I recommend you do in the CA in that case where you don’t have signage out in front of your location what I recommend you do is take a photo of one of the banners that you have for a trade show or a a decal you have on the side of your vehicle something that’s large format that you’ve had printed up you know maybe one of those pull down banners and one of those long banners that you’d have for a trade show take a photo of that and submit that photo in the second area where it’s asking for uh the signage for the front of the building so that works every single time I’ve ever done it for a business you know this is this is work to reinstate the profile so I highly recommend make sure you have the business license and you have that photo of some type of signage and it it will work every single time but um this is can be a very frustrating thing because you’re like oh no I lost my Google my business um and I don’t know why Google Flags these sometimes it could be compet editors that are trying to shut you down it could be issues with your Google security sometimes like if you had security issues with your Gmail account that’s related to that Google in my business they will shut that down honestly I don’t know exactly why it’s happening but I do know I’ve had to resolve this several times and I do know that it works every single time when you follow these steps so hopefully that works for you if you have any more questions definitely comment down below I’d love to help you out with your problem with getting your Google my business back up and running this is joe with skypoint Studios thank you so much as always for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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