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Has your Google Business Listing (GMB) Profile Been Suspended?


Is your Google local page suspended well I made another video about how you can get your Google local page reinstated but I want to make a follow-up video to that specific video and I gave all the instructions you can look back it’s maybe a few videos back explaining how to go back reinstating your profile and get it back but maybe you’ve been able to reinstate your profile you can follow those instructions or you figured it out yourself but you’re wondering why is it getting suspended and it might have gotten suspended multiple times and I’ve dealt with this issue before and I’ve kind of figured out what I think is the the root of the cause of the issue and for me I think it’s an automatic triggered issue that’s happening inside the Google system related to other accounts that are using your Gmail account that made the Google local profile so you may be authorizing that Gmail account in other third parties to do certain things um and one of the things that I was troubleshooting it was the relay system for a lot of WordPress websites the SMTP for the mail transfer protocol was connected to the account that was on the Google local that was kept getting suspended over and over again so what I did to fix this was rather than try to remove all those accounts that are connected and you could you could go that route if you want to but what I found was easier for me at least was to transfer the ownership of my Google local pages over to a different account that did not have a bunch of connections on them so basically what you do is you go into your your main profile area and you click on the ownership area which is like there’s like three little dots click go to owners and then add a new owner you’re going to pick another one of your Gmail accounts and add that as an owner now you’re not going to be able to make it as the prime own owner to start you have to just add it as like a manager or owner like not the prime owner that that account that has the Gmail is still going to be the primary owner because if you try first you have to add your other Gmail account it’s going to add it in there and then you’ll be able to see that you have one Gmail account is the number one and your other one you just added as number two so the primary one is the one that keeps getting the suspension and the issues and we need to get that out of there but it’s not going to allow you to do that right off the bat so if you try to make switch the other account to primary it’s going to say you need to wait 7 days to do this is so unfortunately you have to wait 7 days so after the seven after a full week has gone by in 7 days you go back in there and what you’re going to do is you’re going to make the the one that we added the primary so it’s now the account owner and then you’re going to delete the other one so it’s not in there at all and when you do this it will resolve the issue of your Google Local Pages getting suspended they will no longer get suspended because we have a brand new Gmail account that’s not connected to a bunch of different third parties out there flagging the Google system and causing all kinds of issues and errors and causing it to get suspended and that suspension is a pain in the butt you lose business you have to go about trying to reinstate it and that’s a long process and like I explained in that other video which I think was almost 5 minutes long it is a long process to get it reinstated and if we can we can prevent them from getting suspended in the first place that’s a huge win for our business so hopefully this has been helpful for you I know I kind of covered a lot in this video uh if you need a little bit more dial in with your specific situation related to Google local profiles you can certainly reach out to me you can contact me down below you can email me call me and I would love to help you out so thank you so much this is Joe with Sky Point Studios and I will catch you on the next video.

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