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Great Self Improvement Challenge to Share in the Video Today Featuring the Amazing Ivan Misner


When it comes to self-improvement or self-help books there’s so many options out there so many different things you could possibly read but I’ve recently found something that I’m really enjoying that I wanted to share and make a video about it’s not necessarily that I recently found this but I kind of came up with this challenge that I think might be super beneficial to those who are working on business building themselves you know how how do we improve marginally improve ourselves in business so that we can show up and achieve more and really just hit more of those goals that we want to hit and one of the things that love to do is uh recently is I’m getting on this uh track where I’m listening to um audio books from Ivan Meisner uh IV an and is his first name his last name is Meisner m i s n r Meisner he’s the founder of BNI business netk networking International it’s the largest networking group in the world and he has phenomenal books now this is not necessarily something new uh but it’s been new for me I’ve been listening to a half an hour at a time of his books uh on audio tape as I walk my dog at night or as I go for a run at the gym um and I’m doing this consistently day in day in day in day and I noticed it’s starting to have a cumulative effect where I’m starting to remember some of the techniques and some of the things and it’s just setting my mind at ease and really just giving me great motivation to do more and to feel more comfortable as I do more throughout the day um and so I want to give this as kind of a starting point or a challenge is to see if you could get through as many audio books or just the regular books of Ivan Meisner as possible and just to digest those because there’s so many different places you can go for self Out book business books so many different places and I would love to hear some of your recommendations I definitely will listen to those if you want to comment down what your recommendations your favorite business books or self-help Improvement type of books I would love to hear those but I I think these Ivan Meisner ones are just so impressive because it really combines like self-improvement with mental state with mental thinking mental health and uh and networking and it kind of it has this really nice beautiful Arch between all those things um so it’s great for those in business great for the LinkedIn crowd um so if you’re watching this on LinkedIn I really highly encourage you to take this challenge look up Ivan Meisner on Audible and um you know subscribe to audible look up uh Ivan Meisner and start listening pick one of his books and start listening to it half an hour a day every single day see how many days you can do in a row and see what different changes it makes see how many of those books you can get through um I think this is an interesting challenge I haven’t seen anybody else kind of bring up this specific challenge obviously like I said there’s lots of different places you can go for this type of information I particularly like iens a lot and he has a lot of books out there I think he has like 18 books or something like that so there’s a lot of content to dive into a lot of things to take this challenge if you do a half an hour a day I think that’s a perfect amount not too long not too short you know if you go over an hour you know if you go over half an hour I feel like you’re starting to lose you know you start the retention is not as strong U if you’re less than a half an hour you’re not getting all the you know the different parts you could possibly be training your brain per day and I’m just totally making this up at what’s been working for me but a half an hour day seems to work really really well and I like it when I’m walking my dog you know I went out for nice walk yesterday in the evening time when the stars were out and the moon was out and it was just really nice uh you know had the head the headphones on and um was just really soaking in the material while I was looking at the stars and different planes flying by and um it was just a really great experience and so I highly encouraged that if you’re looking for a jump off point for something to really kind of spark your motivation and your creativity and your business and your networking uh Ivan Meisner does a phenomenal job of that uh so highly encourage you to look that up and if you’re not part of a BNI networking group definitely encourage you to to check one out go visit and definitely go join one it’s an incredible way to build your business um and I’ve gotten so many great business connections and and great friendships out of my BNI chapter which I’m currently the vice president of uh the networking Pros here in Las Vegas right now so this is Joe with Sky Point Studios hopefully this has been an encouragement for you to take that challenge if you have taken the challenge or you started the challenge comment down below i’ love to hear how the experience has been going for you and I will catch you on the next video thank you so much for watching.

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