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Google searched your name and found other websites besides your own come up first in search results?


Have you ever Google searched your name and found that your particular first and last name shows up on other websites and other listing services before your actual website for your company shows up and have been kind of frustrated with this well I had a a customer reach out to me recently and he’s a realtor quite prominent realtor and he was searching for his name and it kept coming up uh on like and all these other places like probably three or four uh places before it came to the website and he was asking me can you increase that and and make it so that my website comes up first and so this video is going to be about how to go about that process and so I dug into his website and analyzed it and there’s nowhere on his website where it show where it’s exactly his name as the title of the page so that’s the first problem is you need the name the first and last name as a title of a page like that’s the the name of the page itself um it needs to be on there because he was just like listed on the website under like their about page or whatever with all the other agents that are there and it wasn’t like a unique page that was just about him so we need the very first step is to add a unique page to the website that’s just his name his first and last name and on that page I need to go in in depth the have more details about his background his schooling his history his companies he’s worked for the amount of deals he’s done the Specialties he’s in all the certifications he has and describe all that in more detail than anywhere else on the web so you have a lot and have more photos of him and his background and his family and listings and things that he does so we need just to push as much content on that page over a period of time so continually add to that you know every a few pieces every single week for a while until that page is just massive and compared to all the other pages so that’s step one the second step is to make sure that there’s enough places on the web that are pointing to that new page so you’re going to go out there and make a bunch of backlinks have a bunch of local businesses a bunch of national businesses all pointing to that new page with that first and last name as Landing so we need to do at least 30 to 50 new backlinks that go to that page and the combination of that step one and that step step two is what’s going to push his name to the number one position above everybody else even prominent places like so that’s how you get a particular like indexing for anything really that you want to get but this this video is all the tutorial for how to get your first and last name to rank on your website versus any other ones that might be indexing you so sometimes it’s like your LinkedIn page or you know in this case you want to rank first you want to put the traffic to your website and not to somebody else like send it to your website first so you need to take all steps you to have more content and more information than anybody else related to your first and last name and all your backstory and more photos that are tagged properly that’s really important you got to make sure that those photos are labeled properly um and all that content has to get on there and then we have to send a bunch of backlinks to it and this whole process takes two to three months or so for it to actually work so it’s a it’s a kind of a long process in order to get it there but this is a tried and true recipe it will work if you put the energy and the time into it and you know what you’re doing if you need help doing this I I run a a SEO web design agency called skyo Studios my name is jophiel I would love to help you out with that and definitely can contact me down below or you know you can get a hold of me by email it’s j thank you so much as always for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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