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Google Business Profile has added a new feature of listing social media profiles


Google just added a new feature to Google my business or gmbb listings you know the map listings with your business that is pretty cool it’s ability to add your social profiles to your gmbb profile listing so now they have all like some of the top social media sites like Tik Tok Instagram Facebook LinkedIn and Pinterest those I think those are the top five that you can add so I highly recommend you go log into your Google my business uh go into the settings area and click on edit your business business information it’s going to pop up with a window with kind of like all your main contact information scroll to about the middle and you’ll see a section that’s social profiles add and it says new right there click that and it’s going to ask you for you know select which one like Facebook go to Facebook and type in your business name like in the search bar go to your business name and you’ll find it’s like theame of your business up in the top bar the URL you need to copy that URL and paste it into the block into the box there on your Google my business and do that for all your profiles definitely fill out all five of them if you can because the way that listings work is that the more complete the listing is the more likely you are to pull up and the map searches at a higher level so that more customers find you there’s other ranking factors obviously how long your business has been around how prominent your address is how many reviews you have is a really powerful indicator whether you respond to all your reviews that’s really important um whether you update the profile regularly with post you can actually do like kind of like a blog type of style post to your GOOG Google my business um but this is just another element of things that you need to do to complete it and so definitely be working on that Google my business it pulls in so much new business for free for your business you don’t pay Google anything for this this is not Google ads it’s not sponsored in any way whatsoever just takes it’s going to take you know five minutes out of your day to hop in there log into Google my business and just edit this information I talked about go find all the social profiles and save it and then boom you you’ve completed another task on your Google my business getting it even closer to showing up higher in the map pack so customers can find you easier uh definitely do that it makes a huge difference if you need help with that you can always reach out to me I’m an expert in this field I’ve been doing it a long time my profiles rank really really high in all the markets that our company is in and I’d love to help you do the same so my name is Joe Phil with Sky Point Studios a web design agency and I’d love to help you build your business this year so you can definitely comment down below and contact me but as I always say thank you so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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