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Getting Local Ads on YouTube TV Premium Networking is Extremely Challenging!


You ever watch YouTube TV and seen ads from local businesses on the main programming like you’re you could be watching a n NFL game and you see like a local business local realtor local plumber and you’re like well how do they get on there well it’s crazy because YouTube TV you would think it would be the same advertising requirements as you know getting on YouTube or getting on Google it should be pretty easy you would think you just go to your Google ads account and you think you could find it from there but guess what advertising on YouTube TV is extremely hard to find and hard to get to it’s it’s very very gate kept there’s only a few select agencies that are able to place ads at that level and those are very hard to find you cannot find them from the Google ads area you cannot find them anywhere on the internet like it’s pretty crazy but I was able to get connected with that and our agency is now offering advertising on YouTube TV we have a couple different businesses that are advertising on NFL games so this is something I wanted to put a video together to let you know that if you are interested in getting your business placed next to premium programming so you’re actually on the the TV channels you could be on NFL games you could be on you know the news anything that you want that’s that’s loc that’s placed on actual premium program but put it in your local market that’s something that we can do and help you with and it’s very hard to find that access so if you’re looking to advertise you want to be on the NFL games you want to be on the NBA games you want to be on baseball games you want to be on the news the Cooking Channel things like that U maybe you have an outdoor brand you want to be on the outdoors channel I can help you get that placement and our agent can work with you on that because we now have a connection to that so this is Joe with Sky Point Studios I’d love to help you out expand your business it’s 2024 it’s time to really make some moves this year and maybe advertising in those places where people are watching TV and they’re catching them at home could really move the needle for your business if so comment down below I’d love to help you out we could talk about discuss the rates they’re not too crazy uh you know it’s a little bit more than your normal YouTube advertising or Google advertising but you’re getting massive exposure on actual Network TV and that’s really increases your brand recognition because you’re there with all the other big hitters so this is joe with Sky Studios hopefully this has been insightful to the process of advertising on network TV through YouTube TV and I would love to be your representative to help you do that so thank you so much for watching I’ll catch you on the next video.

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