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Fancy Schedule Now with Calendar Options on Google Local Listings is Only Available to 3rd Parties


There’s a specific part of your Google local listing that cannot be edited without putting in a certain provider and this is kind of confusing I’ve had a couple different business owners ask me about this and specifically a one of a pizza company that I I do work for he was asking about these little buttons that are like order pickup or order delivery and they’re nice big blue buttons like really prominent featured on his Google local listing and he wanted to change that to his website so they could go there instead of going to slice . which is like a a pizza ordering company and uh basically you can’t change those you can you can delete them completely but you can’t make it go to your own website those are special prominent features that uh that the like and like uh like my doctor he he uses Zach do do which is like for his scheduling and that has a nice like prominent feature it says like the date and everything like that looks really nice and he’s like oh I want to be able to use that for my own scheduler well no you can’t do that because and zacho they have contracts with Google in order to get these premium positions on those pages and they’re probably paying Google you know who knows millions of dollars to get those premium positions so you can either remove them completely from your profile and just have like your website and have like a link to where they can get the appointments or you can have those on there and then you’re going to pay those third parties like a high fee for every single time somebody uses it um if you want the the you know the nice looking layout that they have so hopefully that’s not too confusing it’s basically it’s part of your Google local page if you scroll down a little bit to the middle of the page there’s going to be like if you’re if you have appointments you know it might be like a Zach do or like you know scheduler some type of scheduling plugin calendary maybe um that has a special connection uh with Google that allows you to get that really nice looking layout it could be big buttons it could be a nice little calendar section and there’s no way to edit that so you can put in your own information in there you got to remove it completely uh or if you have it then you’re going to be paying those third parties for that fee so I just want to make this video to clarify because I’ve had several business owners ask me about how to do that and basically you know both of the two owners that asked me the same question we came to the same resolution which is that you can’t edit those you could remove them completely and both owners decided that okay well let’s just keep them up because it is kind of nice to have that as offer that to the customers and I guess I’ll pay that third party you know whatever it is 15% of the transaction or you know I think Zach do charges like $30 or $40 per that comes in or whatever they’re quite expensive for the businesses but they you know that part of that goes to marketing to Google so that they can get that prominent feature anyways hopefully that clarifies some of that for you on your Google local profile if you have more questions about your Google local profile it’s very confusing very hard very challenging to get all the different things lined up uh that’s something I specialize in and I can definitely help you I’ve created other videos about how to get your page reactivated how to add data how to add social media profiles I got a lot of videos about Google local listings and how to optimize them and how to work on them um and I’m an expert in that field if you need help definitely reach out to me or check out some of my other videos about it uh but as I always say at the end of the videos thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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