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Facing the “There has been a critical error on this website.” Message on Your WordPress Website?


Have you ever been working on a WordPress website and tried to edit one of the pages and got this warning message that says there’s been a critical error with WordPress and that you need to contact the admin you can’t edit any of the pages well I had a uh customer today reach out to me to help them with this it’s actually a marketing agency that um had some other developer that was working on this had built a site for them but you know they were in kind of a crunch because they needed to update this attorney’s website they didn’t know how to do it because of this this error that was on there and so I was like sure I could totally help you out you know give me your hosting and I’ll go in there and I’ll check it out see what’s going on turns out you know what I did was this is how you troubleshoot this so first of all this website had like 25 plugins installed so it had way too many plugins so basically what I had to do was go to the file manager so I went into their hosting I found the file manager I opened up the website the wp content folder and then I went to plugins and then in the plugins there was 25 plugins so what I had to do was I had to click on the first one and click rename the option rename and at the end of it I just typed a one and then I saved it the number one and it doesn’t matter what you put there you just have to change the name of the file on there and that will break the connection to the website so I did that on all 25 plugins I went all the way down the list and then I went back and I tried to edit a page turns out I could edit a page so I knew it was plug-in related that’s where the issue was at so now I just had to do the process process of elimination and so I went started back at the top of the list and took deleted the one and saved it went and restored see oh that one doesn’t work and then went down oh that one doesn’t work oh that one doesn’t work all the way down till I found the one that it was happened to be slider Revolution so one of the the kind of fancy ways of putting slideshows on a website that was the the issue because as soon as I had changed that back then I couldn’t edit the the site anymore um and so that was the issue and because there’s so many plugins and I don’t know how this developer created it and anything like that this is the solution that I encouraged um this a marketing agency and what told her what to do so basically when she wants to edit the website what she needs to go in and and and this is a pain in the butt but this is the only option is to deactivate slider Revolution go do your edits and then reactivate slider Revolution um and that’s just going to be the what she has to work through until they redesign the website because of the way that this developer used way too many plugins and this is just a word of caution it doesn’t matter how often you update your plugins or your WordPress if you’re running 25 PL plugins the odds that one of those plugins has some type of issue codewise with another plugin that’s very finicky like slider Revolution slider Revolution is a very finicky plugin the chances are pretty high that there’s going to be some type of conflict and in this case there was a conflict and it threw up that error message and she wasn’t able to edit the pages but I was able to figure out which one was the issue and now she has this workaround now she can edit the pages as she needs to she just has to deactivate the slider and then reactivate the slider when she’s done editing little a little bit of the pain in the butt maybe she wants to work after hours but that’s just the way it’s going to have to go and in the future I recommend I said don’t let a developer put in 25 plugins you should be around 5 10 maybe 15 plugins like don’t try to go over 10 plugins you that’s all you need you don’t need all these different plugins she had a plugin for doing backups which I’ve made multiple videos about that don’t use plugins for backups use your host for plug for backups don’t use a plugin they’re unreliable they slow your website down they just cause all kinds of issues anyways I told her that in the future if you’re going to have a developer work for you and she definitely said she wanted to have me do a lot of her websites which is great but if you have a different developer make sure that they’re not using 25 plugins 10 plugins at most and then this issue will most likely not happen again so this is Joe with sky Point Studios if you’re facing that critical error message on your WordPress where you can’t edit any of the pages this was a WP Bakery site so that was what was and you may have that exact same issue comment down below I can certainly help you out you can watch this video again and figure out how I did it and you can just follow those steps again and do it yourself um but I certainly will be your expert if you need my help and this is jophiel with Sky Point Studios thank you as always for watching my videos and I catch you in the next one.

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