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Facebook Will Never Message you Through the Messaging App on the Platform About Your Account!


Be careful what messages you open on your Facebook page I’ve been helping some clients recently one of them got their Facebook page hacked and I made a video about that about how to recover your account so this video is going to go hand in and with that other video you may want to watch that one but this video is all about explaining how people’s accounts get hacked and there’s these messages that come in that are crazy that look like they’re coming from Facebook or like um someone’s telling you that there’s a copyright infringement there’s something wrong with your account you need to check it you need to fix it and it has a lot of urgency and like this very strong language that’s that scary looking and you’re going oh my gosh I better do something quick because I’m going to lose my account they’re going to shut my account down that’s what it’s saying in the message and it has a link like a short link in there that they want you to click in and then they’ve got even they even put like you know like f FB security copyright down at the very bottom to try to make it look like it these are complete fake fraud scams and they want you to click on the link for sure if you click on the link L your toast they got you but even opening the messages that’s the reason why I want to make this video is cuz don’t even open the messages even the messages can somehow deploy scripts it’s just better not to even open them nothing that comes in through your Facebook messaging like the message area will ever be related to your account that’s not how Facebook communicates to you they will not send you a message through their own messaging system it doesn’t even make sense they’re going to email you why would they message you through the messaging system so Facebook will never do do that do not even open the messages and if you open the message by accident or you’re curious you’re like oh what’s this and then you see you realize that it’s one of those do not click the link number you know at all delete it get rid of it don’t worry about going and blocking the page or if you want to you can do that but it’s best just to not engage with these people as much as possible you ignore them and you might get a bunch of them and it’s a yes it’s annoying but the the the best thing to do is to not engage like don’t open the message don’t click the link don’t go to their profile don’t try to block them just ignore them that’s the best thing you do the safest route is ignoring them not trying to retaliate back to them not try to go report them to Facebook don’t engage with them because you know that’s how you could accidentally click on the wrong thing fall down the wrong hole you know you lose your account accidentally it’s just better not to engage and just ignore them Facebook will not message you through those things do not worry about it and if it you’re getting if you’re really bothered by it you could always turn off messaging I don’t really recommend doing that because a customer might message you but you know if you’ve owned a Facebook uh business you know that you’re going to get spam all across the the board on all kinds of different things sometimes on your comments sometimes through the messenger sometimes in your email it’s just you’re going to get phone calls spamming is part of owning a business it’s part of being a human first of all all human everybody gets spam but as a business owner you get much more spam and the more prominent your business the much more spam you get so this is just a definitely a warning when I speak speaking of spam when I make these videos about Facebook hacks I get an incredible amount of spam and it’s so annoying and there’s these like accounts that are trying to promote other accounts they’re like oh this person helped me out so much and they’ll like tag the person it’s like that is so ridiculous scammers you know if you if you worried about getting your account back and you start to go down this Rabbit Hole of calling a phone number or ask you know messaging somebody on Instagram they’ve got you they’ve got you they’re going to steal your accounts they’re going to try to extort you for money you know it’s uh gift cards it’s an absolute Nightmare and the way to do it is to avoid these things no legitimate companies are going to message you through Instagram they’re not going to message you through Facebook you’re not going to call this 1 1800 number Facebook and Google don’t even have 1 1800 numbers that you can call as just a basic user so that’s off the table you’re not going to call a-800 number and get your Facebook account back you’re not going to call a 1800 and get a hold of Google and have them fix your Google local page if a company says that they can get your Google local page back and it’s only $350 run the other way I had a customer tell me that the other day I said no that’s probably a scam how are they going to if you can’t get access how are they going to get access I mean you you’re the business owner you have the business license you have the best chance of getting the account back they have none of that stuff how are they going to recover your account for you so this is Jo Sky Point Studios hopefully this is a helpful video uh definitely comment down below if if you’ve experienced any of these things and comment down below if you’re a spammer just kidding I know you will anyways and I’m going to tell you all to get lost so thank you so much for watching in my videos as always I’ll catch you on the next one.

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