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Did you Know That a Glossary of Industry Terms on your Website Can Help Improve SEO?


Let’s talk about glossery terms for SEO on a website one of the cool things that you can do to increase the SEO value or the search engine optimization value of a website so that Google ranks it higher is to create a glossery of terms for your industry now this is something that probably most people don’t even think about doing but it makes a lot of sense because every single term or every industry has terms that are unique like jargon that are unique to it so whether you’re a realtor or you’re a web developer you know like I started this video talking about seo seo search engine optimization what is that well that’s an acronym that is very popular in the web design space it’s something that I put on my glossery and I explain that versus like sem which is search engine marketing or you know all these Ajax you know what what are all these acronyms and what do they mean so every single industry has acronyms that you can explain or just definitions that you can explain and put a web page together called glossery you know the if you’re a realtor real estate glossery if you’re a landscaper landscape glossery if you’re a web developer web design glossery so the keywords that you’re trying to rank for and then glossery because you want those keywords to connect and the glossery is somewhere where you can list out a lot of terms and you can update it I even like to put a timestamp at the top so it says like this page was last updated on this date because you want the visitor to realize that it’s going to be updated regularly with new terms you want Google to know that you’re updating it regularly and this is the last date it was updated and so this is this is just a valuable valuable tool now don’t just put a a list of glossery of terms at the top we need a paragraph an intro paragraph it’s talking a little bit about the glossery and about the industry and about the terms and how you’re you know trying to solve those problems of people figuring out what this means uh in the specific industry so you want a nice paragraph at the top the intro paragraph then you’re going to have your list of all your terms I like to do them in alphabetical order I mean you could do them other ways but I you know you could just do them randomly if you want but I like to put them in alphabetical order from A to Z at the top in all my terms and then at the bottom I put an outro paragraph which is basically just summarizing you know thank you so much for reading through all our terms if you have any suggestions for more terms I’ve even put a little Link at the bottom that goes to the contact page if they have you know just suggesting that if if someone has a term that they want covered on this website they could do it you know that’s probably in a million years never going to happen but it doesn’t matter it’s all about adding those little features Google loves that when you add those little features little add additions and then the whole idea of this page is it’s not going to be a static page it’s somewhere you’re going to hop on once a month or once a quarter or maybe even once a year you know whatever is good for your schedule and you’re going to add some new industry terms you’re going to do a new five new terms 10 new terms 20 new terms whatever is feasible for your you know for your timeline and your energy what you have and maybe you do it on a weekend or you know afterward hours or whatever but one really important thing to note is don’t just go to chat GPT and have chat GPT write these definitions for you because that wastes the whole time of the whole exercise in the first place place you can go to chat GPT and ask them for a top list of of keywords or terms related to a specific industry like the top 50 terms related to a specific industry it’s going to give you it’s going to go one this two this three this it’s going to give you all these lists and that’s cool CU then you can go through and you can write the definitions out yourself for each one of those terms but if you’re not going to write the definitions out if you’re not going to have custom definitions for these terms then there’s no point in doing it and obviously there’s still a pretty set parameter of how you define something so I’m not saying that you need to reinvent the wheel or like come up with some crazy new definition but you know you can go out there and you can read the definition of a specific term if you don’t have it like right off the top of your head and then you need to recontextualize it through your words so what I mean by that is you basically just need to explain it you know how you would explain it like you know is GL a glossery is not like a brand new thing that I invented but using it for SEO is is something that I’m kind of this video is probably pretty unique you maybe haven’t seen anyone else put together a video talking about how to use a glossery for SEO maybe you have maybe you have you know I think it’s probably pretty a rare thing and the way that I’ve explained it in this video is completely unique to me you like you won’t you won’t find anybody else talking about it in these exact ways you know with my exact formula so that’s my giving it my touch and that’s the exact same thing I want you to do when you go in and explain these terms you want I want you to give it your personalized touch because that’s what Google is looking for it’s looking for your voice not chat chat’s voice not going out and copying terms off of somebody else’s website and pasting into your website that stuff is no that stuff will hurt your website not help it so uh so hopefully this is a great task for you if you’re looking for something more you know if you’ve already done the blogging you’re already doing adding photos you’re already adding videos you’re doing you’re getting back links you’re doing all that other stuff and you’re looking for like a little extracurricular activity some extra credit for SEO that’s when you start to go for the glossery I think it’s a great idea I did a video about frequently asked questions FAQs are really important to and so this is this is kind of similar in that vein I would say I would give FAQs a more priority if you’ve already done FAQs and you’re up to date on your FAQs let’s go ahead and do the glossery so this is like another level up of how you can level up your website SEO uh this is J Sky Point Studios if you need help with your SEO I certainly can help you I’d love to build a glossery page for your website contact me uh contact me down below I and we can get started on that but as I always say thank you so much for watching my videos and I catch you in the next one.

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