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Contact forms on WordPress that make the user program the deliverables are ridiculous in my opinion!


Let’s talk about website contact forms uh when it comes to WordPress contact forms there’s a lot of options out there there’s some really popular ones I want to make a video because I had a client they gave me this website that somebody else had built and they needed some things fixed on it and they said that the contact form was delivering messages to them but the messages were coming through with the email and the name of the person but not the phone number wasn’t coming through even though the phone number was there on the actual form so I went to look into it and the form that they were using was called ninja forms that’s the plugin they were using and Ninja forms works a lot like the contact form 7 and like some other ones where you have to program the contact the forms that you put in to make sure that they actually send the message out and I think that’s just such a dumb way to do it like why isn’t that just already baked into the plugin so today I I want to make a video about what contact form you should use on WordPress that does all the takes all the programming the elements to make sure that certain things get sent through does all that on the back end for you automatically like it should like why are we programming that if if I add a phone number to the form why do I have to then go to the like the delivery form and put that piece of code that makes sure the number actually comes through that’s just such a stupid thing like I wouldn’t add it to the form if it I didn’t want it to actually deliver so WP forms is the one I recommend it’s super easy to use they do have a premium version but just the free version works really well you install it they have a bunch of templates like a simple contact form template you you put that in if you want to add the number to that you just drag it drop it in and it works automatically you just save it and get this the notification set up boom it’s good to go so in this case of this customer I delet I took off the ninja forms and I put in WP forms and set up the contact form and embedded it in the same place on the contact page and boom it just works so I want to make this video for anyone who’s confused about why they’ve added a number form or a contact form or some type of piece to a contact form and it doesn’t deliver the whole message through because the programming wasn’t done right so just get rid of all scrap all those and just go with WP forms uh plugin for contact forms on WordPress I think it works the best um and you know and it could be a different form but the the main point of this video is not necessarily to use WP forms although I think that’s a good idea the main concept of this video is like let’s get away from this whole idea that you have to program the deliverability of what you add to a form I think that’s just such a silly idea and I can’t think of a single a use case where you would want to add like a something to a form that needs to be done and then you wouldn’t want it delivered on the message that’s sent out like why why do they build them that way that doesn’t make any sense so anyways I want to make this video WP forms is the one I recommend I’m a web developer with Sky Point Studios uh that’s the name of my company I certainly can help you out if you’re having issues with your contact form deliverability you know like those things that I talked about that this other client was having definitely reach out to me I can help you out with your contact form or your web design in general and like I always say thank you so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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