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Check Out How to Use This Feature if you Want to Grow Your Facebook Group


This video is about Facebook groups and about an interesting observation that I had recently about growing Facebook groups and I run quite a quite a few big groups I run one particularly that is uh over 23,000 people on the Facebook group it’s a pretty big group it’s related to customer service in a specific city um I’m the admin of that group and something was interesting that happened recently with the permissions of for people who join the group so our group is one where people come in and they have to be approved to become members and then people can post directly to the page if they’re a member um but recently Facebook changed it so that you can change uh and put turn post approval on until you change it later so that allows you to do Post approval for as long as you want cuz it used to only be 30 days so that just changed so instead of blocking people out of the group that were just spammers and foreigners and things like that because every single group gets a bunch of foreigners and spammers in in the group and what I would do before was just block those people out what’s interesting is is I’ve recently changed to putting post approval on for those people so they’re not able to post to the group unless they get approved first which stops them from being able to spam the group um and that’s the main goal is just like I don’t want any spam in the group that’s number one but what’s I found was kind of interesting um and the reason why I’m making this video is because when I now opened up the floodgates to all these spammers coming through the group that are not allowed to post anymore it’s just boosting the amount of people that are joining the group because now there’s like you know 50 people a day or more coming into the group it’s now changing the algorithm so more local people in the area are now starting to join the group and so there’s some type of a cyclical action that happens with more of those people come into the group from anywhere it’s now attracting and pushing the group up further in the algorithm for people who are local who are looking for it I’m seeing more people join the group more people getting notices so I thought that was kind of an interesting observation as it is with anything online marketing you know you could you could definitely do a bunch of research people tell you all kinds of stuff when it comes to online marketing digital marketing it’s so it’s kind of annoying in the sense I don’t even try to listen to it too much I know I did a lot in the beginning of my career but you I went to school for computer science as a scientist what I like to do is test and measure and do things in the field and run experiments and see for myself what actually works and what doesn’t I don’t really like to listen to other people because there’s a lot of nonsense out there and I know this is ironic because you’re watching a video about someone talking about something but I’m just sharing my experience and maybe this is valuable to you maybe it’s not and you want to watch some my other videos or maybe none of my videos are good for you and I’m totally cool with that as well but as a scientist I like to run experiments like I said I was just running this experiment on a Facebook group so if you’re a Facebook group manager and you don’t want the spam to get in check out this new feature where you can let somebody in and there’s like three dots by their name if you hit that one of the options is turn on post approval if you click that now there’s a big option that Facebook just rolled out it allows you to turn it off turn on post approval until you turn it off so it’s set permanently on that person person’s profile they can’t post unless you let them post to the page so that stops all the spam issues cuz the spamming is super annoying and I used to just totally ban those people 100% from the page but now it’s kind of interesting because it’s actually growing the page so much more so much quicker so we’re getting benefit because ultimately I want the page to be to to Really help and serve locals so because of the fact that there’s a bunch of foreigners they a lot of them come from the Philippines or from other places um and they all they want to do is just post crap and garbage and scams to the page and get you know all that nonsense that we don’t want on the page that’s my job as the admin is to keep the page clean I’m allowed to I’m putting those people in the group it’s building the numbers and it’s pulling in more locals and I that was just something I just didn’t expect to really happen so figured I’d make a video share it with you and if you’re a Facebook group admin maybe this would be helpful to you as well uh anyways my name is Jophiel with Sky Point Studios I love doing everything digital marketing web design that’s my expertise I’ve got make a lot of content a lot of videos um if this is your first time watching my video if you watch my videos all the time I want to say thank you so much uh as always and I will catch you on the next video.

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