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Best Way to Communicate With Web Developer to Ensure Your Project is Done Accurately & Efficiently?


Communicating with the web developer it’s really important to be as precise and clear as possible uh it’s definitely one of those things where translating what you want done can be challenging and there’s a lot of confusion and what ends up happening is there’s delays that can happen um sometime one of the big complaints in the web design world is things take a long time or that people aren’t able to get a hold of their web developer we changed a lot of that here at Sky Point Studios we do things very quickly but one of the things that does slow down the process is when there’s miscommunication about what actually needs to be done and there’s some pretty easy ways to get over that and that’s why I want to make this video so when you have first of all when you’re wanting to make a website it’s really great to have examples of the type of design or the style that you’re thinking about so that’s existing websites documents newsletters pamphlets things that you’ve made that are material for your business that shows your overall brand scrope of what you’ve already accomplished and then some other examples of other businesses that are competitors in other markets are large markets um you know not necessarily in your same town cuz you don’t want to duplicate those things but you want to pull little elements from successful markets and say I like a little piece of this a little piece of that and then we’re going to combine that and take your old brand and we’re going to combine that all together to make this new brand so that’s that’s basically what you do as far as communicating across to your web developer to give them a good idea of the direction to go in now once they create a website and you have a website up but you need edits done to that website when you’re sending off edits to a web developer make sure you’re describing clearly exactly what you need done very very clearly don’t start in the middle of a story or don’t give too much of a story do things very very matter of fact and write it out and put a link if you can to the page that you’re talking about so if you’re talking about a Ser specific service page or the particular about page take that link from the URL on the top and put that in that sentence that you’re talking about so that you know the exact page that you’re talking about and even better than that if you possibly can offer a screenshot of the area that you want change now that’s that’s a whole another level if you can do screenshots that goes a long way you know they say a picture is worth a th words you can definitely get your word your idea across much better with the screenshot shows exactly on the website where you want things to edited or changed so this video is really just giving you a heads up on how the best way to communicate to a web developer is to get the best possible results in the best possible time so you can definitely spend a lot of time going around and around and around and you’ll eventually get to where you need to go anyways but this just saves you time saves you frustration saves the web developer time and ultimately the quicker we get the product out the better it is for your marketing and for your business puts you further ahead and if you have that smooth communication and and less friction with your web developer your business moves quicker gets things done faster and you overall you save resources you save time less cost less frustration so this is Jo Sky Point Studios hopefully this has been enlightening to you with this whole process and working with web developers I own an agency called Skype Studios I would love to be your web developer if you need help and you need a web developer definitely comment down below or if you have any questions about this process but as I always say thank you so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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